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4 Ways To Improve Student Writing Engagement

Student writing engagement is a common challenge in ELA classrooms everywhere. This is not only a skill that students will need as they go forward in their educational and real-world careers, but it is also a difficult skill for many of them to master.  The more difficult students find this

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Why Teach Essay Writing

Do you have to teach essay writing in your school curriculum? This is usually a requirement at some point in a student’s school career.  To some people, essay writing might be a skill of the past. However, it is a vital skill that students must develop to be successful in

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Why Teach Middle School Creative Writing?

Middle school creative writing sometimes gets a bad rap.  It is often seen as less serious and less important than many other types of writing.  This is too bad because frequent and directed creative writing can offer significant benefits to your students and curriculum.   Let’s talk about a few of

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Full Year Creative Writing Bundle

Creative writing is a part of the majority of ELA curriculums out there. Most teachers have to include it in one manner or another with their students each year.  This is not usually too much of a chore since most students really enjoy creative writing. Now, coming up with creating

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Middle School Persuasive Writing Lessons

Finding engaging and rigorous persuasive writing lessons should not be a challenge to find. Unfortunately, not all writing curriculums and activities draw the attention of our students and encourage their engagement. Consequently, the lessons they learn in these classes are not as solid or memorable as they could be.   From

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Writing A Teacher Memoir

Have you ever wondered whether you should write about your school experiences? What about writing a teacher memoir? You know, all those hilarious stories about the interesting things kids say and do, or the demanding parents who drive you to the brink?  Or to celebrate your successes with the challenges

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Online Grammar Resources

I’m sorry, I love you.  I’m sorry I love you.  Do those two sentences make anybody else laugh? Punctuation is serious. It can save relationships. This is why having a few online grammar resources handy can be a huge help.  Teaching grammar to our students is so important. A quick

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Creative Ways To Teach Vocabulary

It can be difficult to find creative ways to teach vocabulary. We do not always need students to write down the word and copy the definition as it does not always lead to retention.  Below is a list of vocabulary teaching ideas brainstormed by teachers. You do not need to

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