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Technology can be a great tool for teacher collaboration, student learning as well as student assessment. Read great ideas on how to use more technology in your English Language Arts program from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Technology Ideas For The English Language Arts Classroom

Classroom technology can be a great tool for teacher collaboration, student learning as well as student assessment. This week’s Twitter chat focused on a how teachers are using Technology in their ELA classrooms with their students. English teachers have done a great job of shifting their mindsets from using technology

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Read a detailed explanation of how to use Plickers, Kahoot, Ed Puzzle, and Google Classroom for student assessment.

Using Technology for Student Assessments

Students really enjoy using online assessment tools because it allows them to use technology, which they naturally gravitate towards. You can see my detailed explanation of Plickers, Kahoot, Ed Puzzle, and Google Classroom on my Education to the Core guest post.

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4 practical ideas for using technology to encourage parent-teacher communication from the 2 Peas and Dog blog.

Using Technology to Encourage Parent-Teacher Communication

Technology has dramatically changed the way we teach. Students and teachers can now collaborate with peers around the globe instantly. This collaboration adds an authenticity and engagement to lessons. Another important use of technology is for parent-teacher communication. This is a very important part of classroom life that can benefit

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Use technology to connect with other teachers. Twitter is a great social media to keep up to date on current trends in education. An informative blog post about how to use a Twitter chat for professional growth and development from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

How To Use Twitter Chats

Twitter has become an excellent way for educators across the globe to connect with one another. I love participating in Twitter chats to get new ideas from teachers I would not normally get the chance to work with. I created this quick five minute video tutorial for anyone who wants

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Social Media Tips for Teachers

Read about 8 social media tips for teachers. Teachers are public figures. We might not be on the covers of magazines, but our private lives are definitely topics of discussion in the media. Recently, I have seen news articles of teachers being disciplined for their social media activity. When you

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Managing Technology in the Classroom

Over the past few weeks I have been working with teachers from other neighbouring schools on purposefully integrating more technology into our teaching. It has been a great learning experience for myself and I am excited to share a mix of my ideas and theirs for managing tech in the

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Want To Get The Most Use From Your Data Projector?

This month I am happy to be writing another blog post about a useful tip from my classroom. Last month I wrote about Effectively Organizing Your Professional Development Notes this month I am writing about using your data projector more effectively. Gone are the days where data projectors are a novelty

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Managing the Professional Development Paper Overload

As education professionals, we attend a lot of professional development sessions each year and into our summers. Up until recently, I did not have a proper system for storing the information.   When I first started teaching I made a new paper file folder for each session and put all

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