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Category: Teacher Life

How To Ace Your Teaching Job Interview

Are you looking for tips for your teaching job interview? You have arrived at the right place! The actual interview is a lot like the day of the big game in sports.  You have put hours and hours of prep work in; now it is time to show your stuff.  

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Finding a Teaching Job

Finding a teaching job can be stressful.  It can seem an overwhelming task, so over the next few weeks, let’s break down the process into manageable steps and look at some helpful ideas and suggestions.  Today we will focus on finding job openings and possible teaching positions. This post was

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Book Recommendations For Teachers

Check out these book recommendations for teachers. I have compiled lists of books that teachers might enjoy reading to relax after a school day or during a vacation. Connect with me on Instagram and let me know if you find a book from one of the lists that you enjoyed

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Writing A Teacher Memoir

Have you ever wondered whether you should write about your school experiences? What about writing a teacher memoir? You know, all those hilarious stories about the interesting things kids say and do, or the demanding parents who drive you to the brink?  Or to celebrate your successes with the challenges

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