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Category: Special Education

Inclusive Teaching Strategies

It is important that teachers are aware of and use inclusive teaching strategies in their daily lesson plans. Classrooms today are very diverse places. The most common example of student diversity is the academic ability levels of your students. In my district, a full-inclusion model is a standard for classes

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Preparing students for middle school does not have to be challenging. Check out these 10 tips to make the transition from elementary to middle school less stressful from 2 Peas and a Dog.

Helpful Tips for Preparing Students for Middle School

Preparing students for middle school can be a challenge, but it does not have to be. Check out these middle school prep tips to help students with the transition from elementary school to middle school. These tips are for elementary teachers, middle school teachers and families. It takes a village

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Not every lesson in the English Language Arts classroom can take on the "one approach suits all". Our learners are diverse and require that we as teachers try to meet their needs using a variety of differentiated instruction methods. Find out more on the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Useful Differentiation Ideas for the ELA Classroom

Use these differentiation ideas for the ELA classroom to help you plan your lessons. Using effective differentiation strategies can improve your lessons to help students engage and retain class content. We had a great #2ndaryELA Twitter chat on Differentiation in the ELA classroom. Several teachers shared their best ideas during the

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Help all students be successful with these ready to use inclusion (special education) ideas for the ELA classroom.

Helpful ELA Classroom Inclusion Strategies

This week’s #2ndaryELA Twitter chat focused on ELA classroom inclusion strategies . During this chat teachers shared their ideas and inclusion strategies that they use every day in their classrooms. Q1: What does inclusion look like in your classroom? In your school? The majority of SpEd students in our school

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