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Category: Reading

The Importance of Teaching Science Fiction

When teaching science fiction, it is important to incorporate both classic and modern favourites.  From such classics as War of the Worlds and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to more modern texts like Ender’s Game or City of Ember, science fiction offers a wide variety of stories for first-time

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Free Rubik’s Cube Lesson

Reading comprehension is an important skill for students to master. Unfortunately, reading comprehension practice is often not something that inspires excitement among students.   One way to combat this apathy is to use reading selections that students find interesting.  My free Rubik’s Cube lesson is just such an interest-garnering activity. This

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Get Students Excited About Reading

It is important to get students excited about reading. One way to build their excitement is to have them create unboxing videos. Have you ever watched an unboxing video?  You know, those videos where someone opens a package on camera. And that’s it. That’s the video.  Though it may seem

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Engaging Books For Middle School Reluctant Readers

It can be a challenge to find engaging books for middle school reluctant readers. This blog post provides a list of possible novels that will capture your students’ attention and encourage them to keep reading. This Engaging Books For Middle School Reluctant Readers blog post contains affiliate links that are

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Lit Launch Reading Engagement Workshop

Is reading engagement something your students struggle with? Lit Launch is an online workshop that will help teachers transform their reading lessons in just 3 hours. Teachers will learn how to craft engaging lessons that help students develop a love of reading. Teachers can work at their own pace and

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How To Make Reading Fun

It is important to make reading fun when you are lesson planning. By its very nature, reading is a part of every literature classroom, but not all students inherently love to read.  Making reading fun, though, is one of the best ways to encourage reading engagement in your students.  Today,

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Reading engagement is vital to the success of students. Learn about four different creative reading lessons.

Creative Reading Lessons

It can be a challenge to find rigorous yet creative reading lessons. Reading engagement is vital to the success of students.  While some students find ways to develop this engagement independently, the vast majority of students have improved outcomes when you help them develop it. Today let’s talk about four

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