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Category: Reading

8 Fun Reading Log Alternatives

Have you considered using reading log alternatives to hold your students accountable for their reading? Reading logs are not fun for anyone. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I have a feeling that if you are reading this post, you feel the same way. Students aren’t always honest about their

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Why Teach Non-Fiction in Middle School?

It is very important to teach non-fiction in middle school. Fiction literature is a favourite in many literature classrooms, while non-fiction selections often take a backseat.   And while fiction is a great option for many reasons and in many situations, non-fiction has merits as well that are often overlooked or

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The Importance of Teaching Science Fiction

When teaching science fiction, it is important to incorporate both classic and modern favourites.  From such classics as War of the Worlds and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to more modern texts like Ender’s Game or City of Ember, science fiction offers a wide variety of stories for first-time

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Free Rubik’s Cube Lesson

Reading comprehension is an important skill for students to master. Unfortunately, reading comprehension practice is often not something that inspires excitement among students.   One way to combat this apathy is to use reading selections that students find interesting.  My free Rubik’s Cube lesson is just such an interest-garnering activity. This

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