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Diversifying Your Poetry Curriculum

It can be difficult to find an engaging and diverse poetry curriculum because, for a long time, the ubiquitous authority on any literary topic was the classic textbook anthology.  This text is a great resource, but it is important that as teachers we select a variety of texts to use

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Teaching non-fiction in middle school is often overlooked. Learn why you should teach non-fiction in middle school as well as three different lesson ideas from 2 Peas and a Dog.

4 Reasons to Teach Non-Fiction in Middle School

Teaching non-fiction in middle school is often overlooked due to the pressure to teach fiction. Novels, short stories, and poems are all commonplace and wonderful parts of the Language Arts classroom, but often these selections lean heavily toward the fiction side of literature.   While fiction is a valuable part of

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A fantastic list of middle school novels in verse for middle school English Language Arts from 2 Peas and a Dog. #novelsinverse #middleschoolbooks #middleschoolELA #booklists

Middle Grades Books in Verse

Middle grades books in verse are a great way to get all students reading, especially reluctant readers who are intimidated by the long paragraphs found in traditionally formatted novels. This blog post provides 18 different suggestions for middle grades books in verse along with a brief summary to help you

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Teaching poetry to middle school students does not have to be difficult. Check out these 2 teaching strategies that make poetry accessible. #poetry #middleschoolela #englishlanguagearts #poetrylessons

Teaching Poetry to Middle School Students

It can be a challenge to teach poetry to middle school students, but here are two tips to make teaching poetry better.  Today’s blog post is written by Sara Cuzzo from the Teachers Pay Teachers store The Red-Haired Reader. She is going to share her tips for making poetry more

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Find engaging November Middle School ELA lessons in this blog post. Read this blog post to see what I teach during the month of November for middle school ELA. #middleschool #middleschoolela #remembranceday #veteransday #englishlanguagearts

November Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA

It is time to plan November Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA. With the calendar turning to November, it is no longer possible to pretend that winter isn’t upon us.  The biting wind, the short days, and the snowflakes in the air (and sometimes on the ground) remind us that

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October Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA

October seems to be an easier month than September. Students have learned the expectations and procedures of your classroom, and they are no longer in summer vacation mode. Ideally, October can be a month of good, quality classroom time. So how do I best make use of it?  Let’s talk

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Find engaging middle school reading lessons including classroom library set up, tips for increasing student engagement and comprehension, as well as recommended reading lists from 2 Peas and a Dog. #middleschool #lessonplans #reading

Middle School Reading Lessons

Middle school reading lessons can be challenging to plan. Looking to breathe new life into classroom reading without reinventing the wheel?  This blog post has you covered! I’ve gathered together some of my top blog posts related to reading including library set up, tips and tricks for increasing student engagement

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