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Middle School Math Enrichment Lessons

Middle School Math Enrichment Ideas It can be challenging to find quality middle school math enrichment ideas. These activities contribute so much to your math classes that taking the time to find and use them is a wonderful way to make your classes that much better.  To help you get

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Teaching middle school Math is not easy. In this article, you will find free math resources and enrichment freebies, tips for using the GRASS strategy, and links to popular math resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers from 2 Peas and a Dog. #math #mathlessons #teacherspayteachers

Tips for Teaching Middle School Math

Teaching middle school math isn’t always as easy. That’s why I’ve gathered up some of my top math-themed blog posts to give you the upper hand. In this blog post-round-up, you will find free math resources and enrichment freebies, tips for using the GRASS strategy, and links to some of

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Middle School Math Websites

Teaching middle school math does not always have to be from a textbook. Check out these great online middle school math websites that will help you plan your lessons and supplement your teaching. 1. Educational Tool Name: Problem of The Week Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Archive of problems each week

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Keep your math class authentic and engaging with these real life math lessons from 2 Peas and a Dog. #math #mathlessons #reallifemath #lessonplans #teacherspayteachers

Real Life Math Lessons

Real-life math lessons are important to help students see the relevance of the lessons they are learning in class. Remember back to when you were in middle school? You were trying to be cool, thinking about the latest movie to come out, or what you might do with your friends

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Teacher Life Hack Using Overhead Transparencies

Margo from Margo’s Math and More shared this great tip for using those left over overhead transparency sheets at your school. Turn unused overhead transparency sheets into overlays for comparing different fractions in picture form. Place the transparency sheets over one another to see how some fractions “fit” perfectly into

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Managing the Paper Monster in Notebooks

For years I have been struggling to combine photocopied sheets with notebooks with minimal success UNTIL this year when a student showed me their idea and it took off in my classroom.  When I need my students to complete worksheets gluing them into their notebooks does not work because then

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Are you “cursed” by Math?

To look inside this picture book go to this website and click look inside: I read a lot of blogs via email. I love to see what other teachers are up to. The most common math concept that has been blogged about lately has been Fractions. I love Fractions now

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Making Exam Review Fun

This week we are working on Math exam review in class. Every year I give students a “Math Exam” at the midpoint in the year aligned with when our local high schools are starting their official exams.  These are not official provincial or state exams, they are just a study tool to

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