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Planning middle school literacy lessons does not have to be challenging. Let me help you through this process with articles and resource that will enable you create engaging lessons your students will love. 

Rant Writing Unit

Students LOVE to share their opinions. Why not channel that creative energy into some high-quality writing?

I’ve created this free Rant Writing Unit that will engage your students and have them writing persuasively in no time! This persuasive writing unit draws on students’ own interests to make public speaking and writing super enjoyable.

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Lit Launch: Middle School Reading Engagement Workshop

Are you a middle school teacher who wants to improve your student’s reading engagement? Then this self-paced workshop is for you. 

Lit Launch is an online workshop created by 2 Peas and a Dog. This professional development workshop will help middle school teachers transform their reading instruction in just over 3 hours.

Middle school teachers will gain confidence in their teaching and learn how to make reading lessons more engaging for their students. At the end of the course, teachers are provided with a professional development certificate.

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This FREE persuasive writing unit is

By using highly-engaging rants, your students won’t even realize you’ve channeled their daily rants and complaints into high-quality, writing!

FREE persuasive writing unit is