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Learn how to use word walls in your classroom and help your students improve their learning.

Word Walls Teaching Strategy

Word walls are often forgotten about for middle and high school classrooms. However, they are highly effective in helping students remember their learning. Read below to find out more about this great teaching strategy. How Do Word Walls Work? Make a space in your room that you will dedicate to

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Inclusive Teaching Strategies

It is important that teachers are aware of and use inclusive teaching strategies in their daily lesson plans. Classrooms today are very diverse places. The most common example of student diversity is the academic ability levels of your students. In my district, a full-inclusion model is a standard for classes

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Clock Talk Teaching Strategy

The clock talk teaching strategy is a great teaching technique to get students sharing their ideas with a variety of classmates. This teaching strategy is perfect to use at the start of the year to encourage students to meet new peers and not always work with the same group of

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Middle school sub plans are a requirement in some districts. This article contains a list of teaching resources teachers can use from 2 Peas and a Dog.

Middle School Sub Plans

Middle school sub plans are a requirement in some districts. It is required that all teachers in my district have ready to go sub plans in their classrooms. Teachers usually have a binder or a magazine holder full of student information and emergency lesson plans.  Sub Binder What should you

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Graffiti Brainstorm Teaching Strategy

Using a graffiti brainstorm is a great way to activate students’ knowledge about a topic of study. How Does The Graffiti Brainstorm Teaching Strategy Work? Create stations by posting several topics/questions/ideas (related to the current learning in your classroom) on large pieces of paper around the classroom. Divide your class

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Students find determining what's important challenging. Use this strategy to increase their confidence.

What’s Important Teaching Strategy

The what’s important teaching strategy is a fantastic way to help students learn. It can be hard for students to determine what’s important in their classroom readings. Use this strategy to help them become confident readers of informational texts.  How Does The What’s Important Teaching Strategy Work? Prepare the text

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Full Year Lesson Plans For Middle School ELA from 2 Peas and a Dog

Full Year Lesson Plans For Middle School ELA

Are you looking for full-year lesson plans for middle school ELA? Finding quality middle school lesson plans can be a challenge. Many things online are either too young for this age group or too complicated. The lesson plans listed below have been used in my Grade 7 & 8 classroom

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Use the jigsaw teaching strategy to engage your students and give them more ownership of their learning.

Jigsaw Teaching Strategy

The Jigsaw teaching strategy gives students more ownership of the learning process and they must learn content and teach it to their peers. How Does The Jigsaw Teaching Strategy Work? Divide your class into groups of three to six students.  Group sizes will depend on the nature of the class

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