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Free Sub Plans

Some districts require teachers to have ready-to-go sub-plans uploaded in their LMS (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.,.) or printed out and stored on the teacher’s desk or in a common area such as the front office. I wanted to share two different free sub plans resources that you can use

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Think-Pair-Share Teaching Strategy

Students need to talk to each other to help form their opinions and understandings of a topic. Use the Think-Pair-Share teaching strategy to help students understand your subject content. How Does This Think-Pair-Share Teaching Strategy Work? Pose a question or topic to students for them to think about individually. You

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Teachers are always looking for fresh ideas to help with lesson planning. Use the Socratic seminar teaching strategy to add to your lessons.

Socratic Seminar Teaching Strategy

As teachers were are always looking for new teaching strategies to keep our lessons fresh and engaging. Below is a brief summary of the Socratic seminar teaching strategy. How Does The Socratic Seminar Teaching Strategy Work? Begin by choosing a text. The text should be open to interpretation (so that

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People make inferences every day. It is important to teach the inferencing teaching strategy so students can become more proficient at this skill. 

Inferencing Teaching Strategy

The inferencing teaching strategy is a great addition to any subjects’ lesson plans. People make inferences every day. It is important to teach this skill so students can become more proficient at this skill. How Does This Inferencing Teaching Strategy Work? Choose a topic.  This could be something as broad

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Teacher Professional Development Workshop

Professional development is a key part of a teacher’s career. Many districts require teachers to attend professional development regularly that may or may not be provided at the district or school level. I love opportunities when I can select a topic. I love virtual teacher professional development opportunities because I

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Digital Classroom Tools

The advent of the internet has drastically changed the way teachers teach and manage their classrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed it even further. Teachers have had to adjust content in order to reach a range of students who are no longer sitting right there, in person, in the classroom.

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Teaching a split grade class is not an easy feat. Read this list of strategies for teachers to consider when teaching a split grade class.

Strategies For Teaching Split Grade Classes

Teaching a split grade class is not an easy feat. There are usually two different curriculums to cover, parental and student expectations, as well as always feeling like you are behind. During my teaching career,  I have taught grade 7/8 a few times. My first time teaching a split grade

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