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Find engaging and rigorous December lesson plans for middle school ELA in this blog post. It should not be stressful finding quality lesson plans for ELA. Check out these middle school ELA lesson plans to find quality ideas for teaching in December. #christmaslessonplans #holidayseason #middleschoolela #decemberlessonplans

December Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA

It should not be stressful finding quality December lesson plans for middle school ELA. During the run-up to the end of the calendar year it can often feel more like you do everything BUT teach in your classroom. Excited students, holiday programs, and even snow days all take time away

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Halloween Lessons for Middle School

Halloween is a fun time of year where teachers can integrate the fun of the season into their daily lesson plans. It can be challenging to find age-appropriate Halloween lessons for middle school students. Many of the ideas I see online are really for younger students.  To combat this lack

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October Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA

October seems to be an easier month than September. Students have learned the expectations and procedures of your classroom, and they are no longer in summer vacation mode. Ideally, October can be a month of good, quality classroom time. So how do I best make use of it?  Let’s talk

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Valentine's Day is not just for elementary students - middle school students can celebrate this fun holiday. Read about 5 different Valentine's Day lesson plans for middle school students that are engaging, curriculum focused and rigourous from 2 Peas and a Dog. #middleschool #lessonplans #valentinesday #englishlanguagearts

Valentine’s Day Lessons For Middle School Students

Valentine’s Day is usually only celebrated in the elementary years. In middle school, you may use the holiday as a reason to have a dance as a fundraiser, but that is usually the extent of the “fun” around Valentine’s Day. I have fond memories of making my Valentine’s Day card

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Engaging English Language Arts lesson plans for the week after Winter Break. All your planning done for you - just print, photocopy and teach from 2 Peas and a Dog! #winterbreak #lessonplans #englishlanguagearts

Lesson Plans For After Winter Break

The first day back from any holiday break is challenging but the first day after winter break is exceptionally challenging for both students and teachers. Everyone is out of their routines and it’s important to review expectations for your students. After this is done – it should take less than

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Surviving the holiday season is an important goal for teachers. Find resources for engaging lessons and activities to keep your students having fun from 2 Peas and a Dog. #christmas #holidays #lessonplans #holidayresources

Holiday Season Survival Guide for Teachers Second Edition

Holiday season survival is an important goal for many teachers. Last year, I wrote this Holiday Season Survival Guide , which received positive feedback from teachers so I created a second edition this year. Scroll down and stop at the subheading that appeals to you this holiday season. Happy Holidays! Advice 

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Find engaging and relevant Christmas lesson plans for middle school students from 2 Peas and a Dog. #christmas #holidays #lessonplans #holidayresources

Christmas Lesson Plans for Middle School Students

Christmas lesson plans that combine educational experiences with holiday themes make for a fun December season for your students. As the holidays approach, I like to use lessons that explore the season in a fun way. I find that shorter lessons and activities that spark students’ interests allow time for

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Check out this teacher gift guide to help you find affordable and stylish teacher gifts from 2 Peas and a Dog. #christmas #gifts #teachergifts #teachergift #teachers

Teacher Gift Guide

With the holiday season almost upon us, I thought I would share some gift ideas for the teachers in your life. These teachers might be co-workers, friends, or relatives. When I made this teacher gift guide I thought about products that I use daily. It was nearly impossible to find

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