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Teaching history does not have to be about the textbook and slideshows. Find out how to make your history classes interesting.

  • Engaging Canadian history lesson plans for busy teachers and homeschool parents who want quality content for their students and children. #canadianhistory #canadianhistorylessonplans #ontariohistory #canadianlessonplans

    Canadian History Lesson Plans

    Canadian history lesson plans can be very dry and boring if we only use the textbook to teach key events in history. I love teaching Canadian history and making it come…

  • History Lessons For Middle School Teachers

    It does not have to be challenging to find engaging history lessons for middle school. History might be old, but our approach to teaching it shouldn’t be!  In this blog round-up,…

  • Remembrance Day Lessons For All Grades

    Several bloggers have gotten together to share our best Remembrance Day lessons that can be adapted to suit the needs of various grade levels. What I love about this link up…