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Category: End of the Year

Best End of the Year Teacher Resources

Finding quality end of the year teacher resources can be challenging. Has the end of the year ever snuck up on you, despite having a whole school year to prepare for it?   You’re not alone! To help you sail smoothly through the end of the school year I’ve gathered up

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The end of the year is fast approaching and it can be difficult to keep students engaged. Use these fun and interesting end of the year lesson plans to keep your classes working until the last few days. #englishlanguagearts #lessonplans #endoftheyear #teachers #lessons

Stress Free End of the Year Lessons

End-of-the-year lessons are soon going to become very important as the countdown is on and your students’ attentions are quickly dwindling.  The important thing is to keep them engaged in those last few weeks in purposeful learning and review.  Here are some important tips I have used during those last few

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15 graduation songs for your end of the year slideshow or celebration from 2 Peas and a Dog. #endoftheyear #graduation #graduationsongs

Graduation Songs for End of the Year Slideshows

Graduation songs are always difficult to find at the moment you need them for your year-end slideshows and celebrations. I have linked 22 popular graduation songs that can be used the next time you need some songs to spice up that graduation slideshow. Each song title is linked to a

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Amazing End of the Year Tips and Tricks

The end of the year is a busy time of year for teachers and students. Try some of these end-of-the-year activities and lessons listed below to ease the burden of planning new activities and lessons during this time of year. You and your students will enjoy these end-of-the-year activities. Scroll

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Special Activities for the End of the Year

  The end of the year is once again upon us! How does this happen? Every year it arrives very fast after Spring Break.   Many teacher bloggers have taken the time to share their thoughts on how to make the end of the year more manageable for teachers and

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End of the year strategies, ideas and lessons from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Tips for Surviving the End of the Year

End of the year is a time that approaches fast during the school year.  For teachers it is like tax season for financial professionals – busy and chaotic. It is important to know that end of year madness can be tamed and turned into something more productive than stress and chaos.

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