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Category: Digital Escape Rooms

Winter Digital Escape Room

Winter digital escape rooms are something exciting to add to your lesson plans during the cold winter months.  Sometimes teaching in winter can be a challenge. It’s cold outside, the students either want to be out in the snow or want nothing to do with it, and you never know

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Free Pet-Themed Digital Escape Room

Would you like to try a free digital escape room? Have you tried digital escape rooms with your students yet? They are a fantastic way to help build community with cooperative learning and engage students in social-emotional learning for 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. This pet-themed digital escape room provides

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Easter Digital Escape Room

To help celebrate Easter in a middle school classroom try this Easter-themed Digital Escape Room where students work together (or alone) to solve  11 different challenges.  Students love digital escape rooms because they can compete against their classmates in a fun setting.  In a digital escape room, students are given

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Free Digital Escape Room

Have you ever used a free digital escape room with your students? Escape rooms are a popular activity these days. And for good reason–they are fun, they are challenging, they often ask us to think creatively, and they can be done with our friends.   For all these reasons, teachers have

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Winter Sports Digital Escape Room

Use this Winter Sports Digitial Escape Room to beat the winter blues with your students. Celebrating winter in middle school can be a challenge – not all students want to celebrate the cold or are excited if it is a year when the Winter Olympics are happening.   However, most students

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