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Managing the Professional Development Paper Overload

As education professionals, we attend a lot of professional development sessions each year and into our summers. Up until recently, I did not have a proper system for storing the information.   When I first started teaching I made a new paper file folder for each session and put all

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The Classroom Pet Debate

As teacher we never really turn off that part of our brain that makes us teachers. Even though most of us are on holidays right now we are still thinking about our classrooms. I was at an antique flea market yesterday, and kept taking photos of old technology so I

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Keeping the Classroom Organized

  Lesson organization can be a challenge? Do you feel a constant need to keep your classroom and teaching materials organized and neat? I NEED to be organized in my classroom.  Let’s discuss how I keep my curriculum units organized. I use three different methods: binders, file folders, and Google

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Managing the Paper Monster in Notebooks

For years I have been struggling to combine photocopied sheets with notebooks with minimal success UNTIL this year when a student showed me their idea and it took off in my classroom.  When I need my students to complete worksheets gluing them into their notebooks does not work because then

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Middle School Classroom Reveal

I have already finished three weeks of school. I have no idea where the time has gone. I am very happy with my schedule, and all the lovely kids I get to see daily. The best thing about teaching middle school kids is their sense of humour. They laugh at

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Tips and photos on how to organize your book clubs, literature circle or guided reading novel sets by 2 Peas and a Dog.

Organizing Literature Circle Sets

I love back to school season because it makes me reorganize everything not only in my classroom, but I also tackle areas of my house that I feel need more TLC. Today I cleaned my closet, threw out junk from the basement and organized my jewelry box.  All of this

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Classroom libraries can always benefit from renovation. Read this informative blog post on how to renovate, and make over your classroom library on a budget from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Classroom Library Makeover

I have had the same classroom library organization, bin labels and bins since at least my 3rd year of teaching. I was tired of the red and blue colour scheme.  The bins were dirty from years of classroom use, and last year during a lunch time accident chocolate milk got

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Preparing for a Substitute Teacher

My name is Crystal and I’ve been teaching for 7 years now with 2 years of Long Term Occasional assignments and being a daily substitute teacher. While supply work is not my long term teaching goal, with the job prospects being what they are and two little ones at home, I have

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