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Absent Buddy System Teacher Life Hack

I love this tip from Doc Running at the Everything Education Blog.  Managing absences is really time consuming, so I started absence buddies. Assign absence buddies to be responsible for information for absent students. Each student is responsible for collecting materials and reviewing information from the missed days for their

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Helping students get back into the school routine after a holiday break can be challenging. Check out these great ideas for goal setting and re-establishing your classroom routine from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

New Years Goal Setting and Re-establishing Classroom Routines

  New Years Goal Setting and Re-establishing Classroom Routines: The new year has officially begun, and we had an excellent discussion on our Tuesday night #2ndaryELA chat about helping students with setting realistic goals and on how to re-establish classroom expectations and routines. I have curated the best ideas below.

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Classroom Management in the Music Classroom

I love finding new and inspiring ideas when I visit teaching friends in other specialty subjects. My 8th grade homeroom students get instrumental music twice a week from their music teacher. If it were me teaching music with my extremely limited knowledge (ahem non-existent) of instrumental music, we might end up

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How to Help Students Be More Organized

I am linking up this month with a great group of teacher bloggers for our monthly Bright Ideas Blog Posts. This month I am going to cover how to help your students be more organized.  Do your students struggle with organization? Are they constantly searching for papers in their desks,

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Amazing end of the year tips and activities from experienced teachers. Reduce your stress and stay focused from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Fantastic Ideas to End the Year School

Hello Readers, I am linking up with some great blogs to help you sail more smoothly into summer. Below are some of my favourite year end tips. Final Exam Tip Give students time in class to review for the exam. I turn exam prep questions into race, challenges and stations

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Managing Technology in the Classroom

Over the past few weeks I have been working with teachers from other neighbouring schools on purposefully integrating more technology into our teaching. It has been a great learning experience for myself and I am excited to share a mix of my ideas and theirs for managing tech in the

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New teachers often make these 5 mistakes that set themselves up for a year of challenging classroom management problems and other avoidable issues from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog. #newteachers #teachers #middleschool #highschool #education #teachers

5 Mistakes New Teachers Make

It is hard to be a new teacher. Here is a list of 5 new teacher mistakes. Over the past year, I have mentored several new teachers. They are a great wealth of knowledge and really good questions. I thought I would compile my top five pieces of advice for

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Keep Track Of Classroom Resources

I am frequently lending my supplies to students, teachers and other classes. Last year only some of the things I lent out got returned so I knew I needed an easy system of tracking where my things were going. First: When I get a request to borrow something I immediately

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