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Category: Back to School

How to Set Up a Middle School Classroom

  How to set up a middle school classroom is a question that teachers often ask themselves. They want to make sure it looks interesting enough to engage their students, but they do not want it to resemble the primary classrooms these students have grown up with. This is my

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5 free back to school lessons from 2 Peas and a Dog. #freebies #lessonplans #ela #teaching

Back to School Freebies

Back-to-school freebies are linked throughout this blog post. The back-to-school season is a great time to try out new lessons and ideas. These five lessons will make planning for back to school easier and less time-consuming. Check out ideas from classroom management to long-range planning. Try this interactive back-to-school bingo

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Free: Back to School Bingo Ice Breaker Game

Get students moving on the first day of a school with mingle bingo game! Instructions: Have students wander around the class and find classmates who fit the description in the box. Once they find the student who matches the description in the box, the student who matches must sign their

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5 Back to School Survival Tips

Back to School Survival Tips

  There are many back to school survival tips you’ll find when you search the internet. Heading back to school for a new year, whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned one, can be overwhelming, and we’re all bound to forget one thing or another. I’ve compiled this list

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Middle School Collaborative Freebies Pinterest Board

I am finding it hard to find good quality middle school-related freebies. But, I can’t just sit around complaining can I? No way! Several blogger friends and I have created a board just for YOU. This Pinterest board features freebies that are of good quality, and of use to middle school

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