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14 Fantastic Middle School Books By Canadian Authors

Use this middle school books by Canadian authors book list to help your students find great books.Are you looking for middle school books by Canadian authors? Canada has a wealth of amazing, quality authors perfect for middle school readers. Your students will find a book or two (or more!) on this list that they can enjoy. 

These are all Canadian authors, all targeted for middle school ages, with a diverse set of voices and topics – a great starting point to get kids reading more Canadian authors and connecting with stories written about places they know and the experiences of other kids in Canada and abroad. 

Students can also find successful and interesting authors in Canada, which can be a great inspiration for those wanting to pursue writing or creativity. With this list of middle school books by Canadian authors, there will surely be something for everyone and everyone’s reading taste. 

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Middle School Books By Canadian Authors

The Coming Storm by Regina M. Hansen 

Beet MacNeil’s home knows that Prince Edward Island has a certain magic, but when her cousin Gerry shows up one day playing a song on his fiddle that sends a chill through Beet, she knows something is wrong. There have been tales over the years of a shapeshifter, and the strange woman who has recently come to town resembles the one who controls it – could this have something to do with her cousin? 

Firefly by Philippa Dowding 

Firefly has grown accustomed to sleeping in the park across from her mother’s home, where it’s safe, but when she has to go and live with her Aunt Gayle, everything changes. Not only does she not know much about her aunt, but she doesn’t seem to know who she is or where her true home lies. 

Linked by Gordon Korman 

In the usually quiet town where Michael, Link, and Dana live, a mystery is about to unfold. One morning, a swastika — a symbol of hate — is found to be on the wall of the school, but who put it there? The three band together to figure out the truth of who vandalized the school and why. If you teach Grade 6 Social Studies in Ontario, this book ties in with The Holocaust education requirements found in the 2023 curriculum expectations.

Bloom by Kenneth Oppel 

This terrifying eco-thriller starts with rain that brings seeds. These seeds sprout plants similar to a Venus flytrap – but one that consumes animals and people. Three kids who live on a remote island find themselves together, each bearing allergies (but not to the mysterious plants). It is up to them to figure out how to stop this invasion. 

The Other Side by Heather Camlot 

When Liam finds the body of a dead girl near his grandfather’s cottage, he doesn’t believe her death was an accident. As he struggles to get the image out of his mind, he visits his grandfather, a WWII veteran who fought for Germany, who tells him stories no young Jewish child should hear. But can it somehow help him solve the mystery of the girl’s death? 

The Rise and Fall of Derek Cowell by Valerie Sherrard 

Derek Cowell becomes the popular kid at school after photo-bombing his sister and her friends. When the photo is posted to social media, Derek is suddenly internet-famous. While it might seem amazing to be at the top, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. While Derek’s friend wants to keep him in the spotlight, Derek just wants his life back. 

Sara and the Search for Normal by Wesley King 

Mental health is tackled in this prequel to OCDaniel with Sara, who, amidst her many diagnoses and panic attacks, just wants to be normal. When she starts taking group therapy, she meets someone who is the complete opposite, and they become friends. But is her new friend Erin covering up something with her cheerfulness? 

The Secret Diary of Mona Hasan by Salma Hussain

This historical fiction takes place in 1991 with Mona and her family immigrating from Dubai to Canada after the beginning of the Gulf War. Mona must navigate living in a new place and learn how to find her place – and her voice – there. 

Alice Fleck’s Recipes for Disaster by Rachelle Delaney 

It’s all fun and food in this middle-grade mystery featuring Alice and her father, who love to recreate recipes from the past – but don’t tell Alice’s friends about that. When they are entered in a cooking competition at a Victorian festival, little does Alice know that they are going to be contestants on a TV show which throws her into the spotlight. However, someone seems to be sabotaging the show – can Alice figure out who it is? 

Charming as a Verb by Ben Philippe

Henry just wants to go to Columbia University – it’s his father’s dream for him. He navigates the stressful process of college applications, which turns even more stressful after his neighbour Corinne decides to blackmail him. Over time, the two get to know one another and Henry begins to understand what his dreams are. 

The Great Bear by David A. Robertson 

In this second book of the Misewa Saga, Eli and Morgan face challenges at school and home. They decide to go to Misewa to see if they can find the answers that will help them, but they find that the village is in danger. Now, they must not only find the answers to their problems but also save the village in the process. 

Peter Lee’s Notes from the Field by Angela Ahn and Julie Kwon 

When Peter Lee’s plans of attending a dinosaur expedition fall apart, he doesn’t know what to do. Not only will this mean that his sister will continue to bug him, but his dreams of becoming a paleontologist might also be dashed. In the meantime, his grandmother is sick, and he finds that no one will talk to him about it. Can he figure out a plan to save his grandmother? 

Eight Days Teresa Toten

Samantha always thought that her mother had passed away years ago – until she got the news that she had just now died, and her family must travel from Toronto to Chicago to get her body. Samantha already has to navigate the struggles of her alcoholic grandfather, so how is she supposed to go on a road trip with him? Her neighbour and surrogate mother decide to help and tag along on the road trip. During this time, Samantha goes on a journey to figure out her own identity and where she belongs. 

The Not-So-Uniform Life of Holly-Mei (A Holly-Mei Book Book 1) by Christina Matula 

When Holly-Mei moves from Canada to Hong Kong, she thinks it will be an amazing adventure. However, she soon figures out that everything will not be perfect—not only is she missing her Ah-ma, who stayed in Toronto, but she also has to navigate a new private school and new friends. She must now figure out how to live this new life (without the help of her Ah-ma) and make 7th grade the adventure it should be. 

I hope your students will enjoy these middle school books by Canadian authors – it may make them seek out new Canadian-authored books on their own!  If you are looking for more Canadian authors to try with your classes – check out this blog post 6 Fantastic Canadian Authors To Read In Class. For more great middle school books, check out this blog post – Best Middle School Book Recommendations.

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