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How to Leave a Review on Teachers Pay Teachers

Use these steps to leave a review on your purchases from Teachers Pay Teachers.

Leaving a review on Teachers Pay Teachers is not a complicated process. Use the steps outlined in this blog post to help you earn credits toward future purchases.

Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the TPT website. A dropdown menu will appear.

Scroll down in the menu and select “My Purchases.” Once you click this, you will see a list of all your purchases from TPT.

Find the item you wish to leave a review for.

Click on the “Leave a Review” button.

Here, you will be prompted to select whether or not you’ve used the resource – or if you no longer plan to use it but want to leave a review. If you have not used the resource, you will not be able to leave a review. Select the appropriate prompt.

If you’ve used the resource and clicked on the “Yes, I’ve used it” button, you will be taken to a screen asking where you’ve used the resource. Select the option that pertains to you.

You will then select the grade(s) you used the resource with. TPT will highlight the grades that the resource was made for. Select “See all grades” if you don’t see the grade you want listed.

You can also select if you’ve used the resource with students who have specific needs.

Next, you will select your star rating.

Lastly, you will write about your experience using the resource. This is very helpful to sellers on TPT, so make sure you leave plenty of detail, especially if you leave a review of 3 stars or less. What prompted you to leave 3 stars? What was the resource missing? The more detail, the better. 2 Peas and Dog loves 5-star reviews!

When you are finished, click “Submit” and your review will be posted.


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