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16 Fantastic Final Project Ideas for Middle School English Class

Try these final project ideas for English class if you are looking to freshen up some of your end-of-unit evaluations.

Try these final project ideas for English class if you are looking to freshen up some – or all – of your end-of-unit evaluations in middle school ELA. 

Here are 16 final project ideas for English class that are sure to challenge your students’ critical and creative thinking.

16 Final Project Ideas for Middle School English Class

Create A Magazine or Magazine Articles

If you’re doing literature circles in class, different groups can work on specifically-themed magazines. Each student contributes their own articles to the final group product, but it is the individual contribution that’s evaluated for an individual grade.

By incorporating collaboration, you can assess learning skills and curriculum expectations simultaneously. 

Make sure students understand the ins and outs of non-fiction by having them read and assess a variety of articles. This Article of the Week resource is differentiated and offers many article choices. 

You can get the Article of the Week Full Year Non-Fiction Bundle on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD, which comes with the Article of the Week Differentiated Lessons. 

Create A Newspaper Article Or News Report

While this task is perfect for non-fiction and informational reading units, it can also be used with short stories and novel studies. Learning about current events connects any text with what’s happening in the world beyond our classrooms.

Teach students about current events and practice oral communication skills in a current events assignment. You can get the Current Events Assignment on Shopify CAD, or Teachers Pay Teachers USD. Wondering why teaching current events is so important? Check out this article: 6 Fascinating Ideas For Teaching Current Events.

It’s always good to remind students that not all news is bad news! Share good news stories with students as an option for this final project. Try the Good News Assignment on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD to learn more about teaching good news stories. 

Create A Trivia Game

Students can take different approaches to this final project idea. They might create an online option using Kahoot, Blooket, or Plickers. Or, they could create a digital option in class, like a classic slideshow version of Jeopardy, where students pick categories and reveal a clue. It can also be done more simply on paper.

Coming up with trivia questions can be part of the process during the unit so students are working towards the end goal. Get students to work beyond the text and complete some research and make those skills part of the evaluation as well.

Add an oral communication component by having students act as hosts. Part of the student research process could be analyzing a game show episode to identify success criteria.

If you want to learn more about incorporating oral presentations into your ELA routine, check out this blog post: How To Incorporate Oral Presentations Into Your ELA Program.

Create A Board Game

A board game based on a text gets students thinking creatively while reading closely and is a great final project idea. The board game can have players/characters move along a board that mimics the text’s plot with some added layers for dice or game cards for conflicts, alternate endings, or whatever students can think up.

To prepare for the creation process, give students a chance to play some in class. Then, once their board game projects are complete, get students to play them! For more ideas about incorporating games into your classroom,  read this article: Level Up – Incorporating Fun Games into Your Classroom for Interactive Learning

Make An Interactive Exhibit or Virtual Museum

Another final project idea is to bring the book – character, setting, plot, theme – to life by mounting an exhibit that features components to represent the text. There are many possibilities to include in an exhibit, from art creations to primary sources.

Have students spend some time exploring exhibits before they tackle their own. This could be as simple as packing a suitcase to reflect a text (a great way to create interest and intrigue at the start of a unit) or visiting museums and galleries (online). 

Write A Song, Rap, Or Poem

The performers in your class will love this final project idea! It could even become a coffee-house idea with a class of performances.

This Spoken Word Assignment helps students plan, write and present their own spoken word poems. Spoken word is an engaging way to bring public speaking and authentic writing into the classroom. 

If you want to explore more poetry with your students, you could check out all of the 2 Peas and a Dog poetry units on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD. You can also find a Poetry Digital Escape Room on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Create A Photo Essay

Add some photography to your final project ideas toolbox. This is an ideal option to explore media, be creative, and differentiate for all students. 

Add a short written or oral component by having students share the connections or their decision process for a certain number of photos. Have students complete these components in 1:1 conferences or use free online tools like Loom to record. 

Make Charts And Graphs To Illustrate The Data

Infographics are an amazing way to combine text with visuals. Students could do a survey of their classmates with any number of questions, such as: 

  • Did you like the ending?
  • What did you think of character X? 

Students could have a few descriptors to choose from for their questions. Then, they can take that data, interpret it, and display it as an infographic to share with the class. As a cross-curricular option, this could work with math, social sciences, or science.

Write And Illustrate A Comic Strip Or Book

This final project idea is perfect for students who want to explore their creativity and storytelling talents. 

With this idea, students can retell the story for a new audience by rewriting it as a children’s book. This requires strong knowledge of the original text to transfer it to a new form. 

For students who are not artistically inclined, introduce them to Storyboard Creator | Comic Strip Maker, Pixton, or Canva for Education

Design A Lesson Plan

One of the best ways to ensure understanding of a topic is to teach it to someone else. With this final project idea, the student becomes the teacher in designing their own lesson plans. 

In a non-fiction unit, a final project idea is for students to pick a topic of interest and become subject experts. Then, they will teach that topic to their classmates. 

Use my Non-fiction Book Report resource, which includes book suggestions, full instructions, and a variety of rubrics, to save time and effort! You can get the Non-fiction Book Report on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Alternatively, you can save money and buy the entire bundle of book reports with the 12 Genre Book Report Bundle. You can get it on Shopify CAD, or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Make A Video Tutorial 

Your students, like mine, are probably on YouTube a lot! Let them use that knowledge by having students create something like an unboxing assignment.

The Book Unboxing Assignment is ready to go with everything you need to review the structure and scaffold the task with graphic organizers and rubrics to make evaluation easy!

Grab the Book Unboxing Assignment on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Create Fake Social Media Posts

Using social media is another fantastic final project idea. Like YouTube, your students are probably on or aware of social media sites such as Instagram, X (Twitter), Facebook, or TikTok. So why not have them create fake social media posts? 

Focus on the visual connections to a text with a book flatlay project. Students will create a visual display of the book with props related to the reading. You can find the Book Flatlay Project on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.  

If your students like to talk then get students to use their ranting skills with a rant assignment. Make it about an idea from the text they’ve studied or even a book review. Grab the Rant Writing Unit on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

X (Twitter) and Facebook love to focus on hot topics, so why not do the same with a digital class discussion using a hot topics assignment? This is also a great way to tie in current events. You can get the Hot Topics Assignment on Shopify CAD, or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Lastly, all platforms love short video content, so get students to complete a book unboxing. Grab the Book Unboxing Assignment on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Create A Podcast Episode

With podcast creation, move from short-form content to longer-form content. This could be a dramatic retelling of the text, an interview with a character or author, or even a deep dive into a specifically related subject for the text.

This Podcast Creation Assignment is designed to help you and your students from start to finish! You can find it on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Curious why podcasts are so great for the classroom? Read this blog post: Why Should You Use Podcasts in Middle School?

Write A Blog Post 

With this final project idea, students are writing a blog post. This one can be fun to have students move beyond the text they’ve read to make a connection, do some research, and write conversationally. 

This means there’s a little less pressure on the formality of writing, but success criteria are still in place as a guide.

Other ideas are to complete this as a review like those on GoodReads or a bookseller’s site to get others to read it. Teach students how to write proper reviews with this Media Literacy Review Writing 16 Lessons on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Make A Commercial Or Public Service Announcement

When it comes to final project ideas, there are so many options to fit this category, so it grants students choice!

Maybe they do a commercial using persuasive techniques, like my Persuasive Pitch Assignment. The focus could be persuading someone to read the text, fund a movie adaptation, or get the author to write a sequel. Grab the Persuasive Pitch Assignment on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Students can make more connections beyond the text by creating a public service announcement after analyzing similar videos, such as the one in my Analyzing Public Service Announcements and Commercials Unit. You can find this unit on Shopify CAD, or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Use Choice Boards

Choice is always a good idea to get students to buy in! The key for teachers is creating a choice board that doesn’t require much-added work in the evaluation process. 

Use the ready-made options for a Short Story or Novel Study Choice Board. These get your students on track right from the start and save you time in the long run, too, so it’s a win-win!

You can find the Short Story Choice Board on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD and the Novel Study Choice Board on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Final Thoughts on Final Project Ideas 

Consider using learning conferences throughout the process for any or all of these final project ideas for your middle school ELA classes. These conferences offer insight into learning skills, ensure students’ accountability, and provide them with an opportunity to take ownership of their learning. 

And if you’re looking for even more final project ideas, check out this post about renovating traditional ELA book reports or this one with more creative student projects

You may even like this blog post: 32 Fun Project Ideas That Aren’t Overused For Middle School Students.

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