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21 Fun Non-Academic Middle School End of the Year Activities

These 21 non-academic end of the year activities are a great way to celebrate and have fun with your students.

Are you looking for some fun and creative end of the year activities? Depending on where you teach, you might need to fill up the last few weeks or days with activities if report cards go home early or your graduation ceremony happens before the last day of school.

Students will still do some highly engaging academic work (click here for suggestions) or finish presentations, but ultimately, older students know that grades are final. School is almost done for the year. 

Non-Academic Middle School End of the Year Activities

Here is a list of non-academic end of the year activities to keep your students active and engaged until the last day of school. 

  • Host a Lip Sync or Talent Show — This can be as formal or informal as you want it to be. It gives students time to enjoy The Arts and showcase any talent they have. 
  • Plan a Sports Tournament — Sports like soccer, baseball, and basketball are great ideas for a class-versus-class sports tournament. 
  • Field Trips — Collaborate with your teaching partners to think of free or low-cost field trips your students could participate in. Look around to see what is within walking distance from your school and could host your students. 
  • Visit a Park and Have a Picnic — Take your students to a local park to play and let them bring their packed lunch for a picnic. This could be done as a whole grade team, with all the classes of the same grade going to the same park on the same day. 
  • Community Service Projects — Brainstorm with the staff at your school what they need help with. Students can help around the school with organizational tasks, e.g. organizing cupboards, sorting materials, helping teachers move classrooms, helping younger grades with special activities, running end of the year activities for younger grades, or showcasing their talents to younger grades. 
  • Plan a Play Day — Students can participate in a school-wide play day or run the stations. Students could also plan end-of-the-year activities for younger grades.
  • Yearbook Signing Time — Don’t forget to schedule a time when all students from the same grade can sign each other’s yearbooks or memory books. 
  • Grade Shape Photo — Get all the students in the same grade together outside and take a photo of them making the shape of the grade. For example, all Grade 8 classes form an eight and then take a photo. 
  • Host a Book Swap — Are your students avid readers? Host a book swap so everyone can go home with a new book for the summer.
  • Consider Geocaching at a Local Park or Conservation Area — Geocaching is a treasure hunt that combines technology and the outdoors. For more information, check out this blog post: How To Use Geocaching With Students To Enrich Their Learning
  • Year-End Assembly — Don’t forget to write the year-end assembly down in your plans if your school hosts one. This is usually where a slideshow is shown, goodbyes are said to staff who are moving schools or retiring and is just a fun end-of-the-year activity to say goodbye to the school year. 

  • Work on Life Skills — The end of the year is a great time to teach your students how to sew, take the bus, make a phone call, etc. List skills they might need and find fun ways to incorporate them into your days.  
  • Show a Movie Outdoors — Find a shady spot on the blacktop or in the schoolyard and set up a movie. You will need to make sure your school or someone on staff has the equipment to set this up. 
  • Arts and Crafts — Get other staff members on board and set up arts and crafts station rotation. Each classroom has a different theme, craft, skill, etc. This is a good way to use up supplies that won’t keep over the summer. End of the year activities such as drawing, painting, paper crafts, jewelry making, or tie-dye can be fun for students of all ages. Here are two art lessons you could use with your students: Tinfoil Sculpture Art Lesson and Fun Styrofoam Print Making Art Lesson
  • Photography Lessons — If your art classes or program did not cover photography, this time of the year is perfect to teach students how to take great photos. Reach out to your school community to see if anyone can donate their old digital cameras and if anyone is a professional photographer who can come in and share their skills for a morning or afternoon session. This is one of those end of the year activities your students won’t forget! 
  • Choose Your Own Adventure Activities — Each teacher on the grade team hosts a different activity in their classroom, such as a movie, reading, board games, or karaoke. Once students make their selections, they cannot change rooms. Make sure to have a variety of end of the year activities at different levels of participation, as not all students want to do something active, and some just want a quiet space to read. Students spend a lot of their own time on technology, so try to make the activities as technology-free as possible.  
  • Digital Escape Rooms—These could be argued to be academic as they get students working together and practicing their reading comprehension skills and critical thinking skills, or they can just be for fun. It all depends on the topic of the digital escape room and the teacher’s goal. Check out these two incredibly fun digital escape rooms – Forensic Science Digital Escape Room and End of the Year Digital Escape Room.
  • Create a Game Day—Have students showcase their creativity by designing their own board games, card games, or outdoor games. Once they’ve been designed and created, you can host a game day so the class can try out everyone’s games. 
  • Outdoor Yoga—Talk to local yoga teachers and see if one can come in to lead an outdoor yoga session. As the school year comes to a close, this is a great way for students to unwind and let go of all the stresses. It’s also a nice way to get a little bit of exercise! 
  • End of the Year Slideshow Video Creation—Have students create an end of the year slideshow video specific to your class. This video, How to Create an End of the Year Slideshow Video Using Canva, explains how to create a slideshow video using Canva.
  • Try Some Team Building Activities—This blog post, Fun Team Building Activities, has some ideas you can try or modify for your end of the yearend of the year activities. 

Teacher Note: Have students clean out their desks and lockers just before graduation or the day report cards go home. Attendance could drop off as families might leave for vacation early.

There are many more end of the year activities, so these are just a few. If you have any ideas you think should be on the list, connect with me on social media

Are you looking for academic end of the year activities? 

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