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Why Teach Speech Writing in Middle School?

Learn why teachers should teach speech writing in middle school.

When it comes to writing a speech, writing one that is both engaging and impactful can be a challenge. However, given the right guidance, students can learn to understand their audience and use literary devices to create powerful speeches. 

If you are looking to teach speech writing in middle school, read on for the top reasons why this important skill should be taught. 

What is speech writing? 

Speech writing is the process of creating a message that is both engaging and persuasive that can be delivered orally to an audience. When writing a speech, students need to understand their audience and put their ideas together in a compelling way that will convey their message successfully. 

Speech writing is not only used in an academic setting. Still, it is a skill that is useful for many different occasions, such as business presentations, social engagements, job interviews, and community events. A well-written speech can help to engage an audience, putting forth important ideas, as well as advocating for change. 

When you teach speech writing in middle school, there are many benefits for students, which are outlined below. 

Why Teach Speech Writing?

It helps develop communication skills. 

Communication is important, but being an effective communicator is even more important. Depending on the path students take after they finish their studies, they might not have to deliver an actual speech. However, the basics of speech writing are still a skill that will help them with communication – whether it’s speaking in a meeting, writing an email, or having a job interview. 

As students advance in their academics and as they start their careers, it will be expected of them to be able to communicate effectively, delivering arguments and ideas compellingly and persuasively – and learning speech writing can help them develop this skill. Not only that, but understanding their audience will help students develop empathy and understanding.

Another benefit of communication skills is that learning to write a speech and present it could lead to students discovering they might have a passion for public speaking. This might change their path as they continue through their education; they might want to join groups that deal with debating and advocacy, or it might help them discover leadership potential. 

It helps to build confidence. 

Have you ever had a student who clams up at the idea of reading something they wrote to the classroom? It can be scary getting up in front of your peers to read your own words – but when students learn how to write an effective speech and receive guidance when it comes to delivering it, it can help them gain the confidence they need to deliver it out loud. It might not eliminate the fear completely, but feeling confident in their writing can make it a little less scary to share. 

It helps to encourage creativity. 

In middle school, students long to express themselves creatively. When it comes to writing, students might consider it a tedious task, but it is an amazing skill to learn that can unleash creativity. With speech writing, students can creatively express their ideas and experiment with tone, imagery, and language to really capture their audience. 

It helps students organize their thinking. 

With any kind of writing, being organized is key. Have you ever sat down to write something, and your brain is a jumble of thoughts and ideas? When students learn speech writing, they learn how to organize their thoughts and ideas. 

Learning what ideas go together and how to write them cohesively and logically might not come naturally, so learning how to write a speech can be a great starting point for learning this. The organization of thoughts and ideas will not only help them write a good speech but will also help them present it confidently. 

It helps students advocate for what they believe in.

It is important to stand up for what we believe in, and speech writing is a skill that can help students immensely with their own social engagement. Speech writing helps students craft arguments that are persuasive and inspiring, which can help them advocate for change – and can help them be heard in a society where everyone has something to say. 

Understanding how to write a speech that inspires people while dealing with social issues and seeing the outcome of their words as they stand up for something they believe in can help students become active citizens engaged in their communities. 

When you teach speech writing in middle school, you help give students the skills that will benefit them for the rest of their academic years and beyond. The skill will help them be better understood as they move into their future careers, as well as encourage them to be active and engaged citizens in their community. Speech writing is a skill that can help students make a positive impact – whether it’s in a personal or professional setting – and help them learn to communicate effectively. 

How Do I Start To Teach Speech Writing? 

When you teach speech writing in middle school, it may seem daunting, but it can be a lot of fun and exciting. When your students learn how to write a speech, you might see different areas where certain students excel and thrive, whether it’s research, organization, public speaking, or writing. It can be magical to see the change in your students when they discover the potential they have. 

But where do you start when you want to teach speech writing? The basics of speech writing are simple: 

  1. Teach students the basics so they understand how sentences are structured, how paragraphs work, and how essays are assembled. Knowing the basic knowledge of how writing works will help students immensely when it comes to writing speeches. 
  2. Use examples of speeches to show students to help them understand how effective speeches are written. By seeing examples of speeches, students will see that they come in many different styles and voices – some might use humour, others might use storytelling, and some might be direct to the point. 
  3. Practice, and then practice some more. With any skill, students need to understand that practice is the key to using that skill effectively and correctly. Nothing is perfect the first time, and skills need to be developed to be used appropriately. 

Speech writing is an essential skill that will greatly benefit students. It can help them develop communication skills, boost their confidence, unleash their creativity, expand on their critical thinking skills, and set them up for future success. 

When you teach speech writing in middle school, remember that it should be an integral part of instruction and one that is constantly improved on. Using this Middle School Speech Writing Unit is the perfect place to start if you are looking to teach speech writing to your middle school students. 

Middle School Speech Writing Unit

Learn why teachers should teach speech writing in middle school. Help your students write an engaging and informative speech with this step-by-step scaffolded public speaking unit. This 6-lesson Middle School Speech Writing Unit will help your middle school students write a 2-5 minute speech and improve their public speaking skills.

In this unit, students will start with the basics of learning what a speech is, working their way to actual speech presentations. By going step by step through the process, students will feel confident as their abilities are developed. 

Unit Outline:

  • Lesson 1 – What Is A Speech?
  • Lesson 2 – What Is An Effective Speech?
  • Lesson 3 – Speech Brainstorming
  • Lesson 4 – Speech Writing
  • Lesson 5 – Speech Revising and Practicing
  • Lesson 6 – Speech Presentations

This unit includes detailed teacher instructions and a unit plan, scaffolded lessons, graphic organizers, example speeches, a speech planning booklet, answer keys and assessment options (using either levels or points). This resource is in both PDF and digital format for in-class and online learning. Internet is required for online speech video sources, and the resource is not editable. 

What teachers are saying: 

“Public speaking is so hard for my students. This product is a great introduction to public speaking and walks the students through what to do. Super helpful!” – Eh-Mazing Adventures

“This resource was a great way to have students engage in oral communication, research a topic and create an oral presentation. So many of my students struggle with class presentations and this challenged them to write about a topic, and confidently present to peers.” – Diana B. 

Whether you’re just starting to teach speech writing to your students or if they are already working on this skill, this Middle School Speech Writing Unit is the perfect resource for any teacher looking to teach speech writing. Find this Middle School Speech Writing Unit on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

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