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Year: 2023

Fantastic 6th Grade Books

6th Grade Books 6th grade books do not need to be a challenge to find for your students. Use this 6th-grade books booklist to help your students find their next great read. I have other great middle school book lists on my blog as well. This blog post contains affiliate links

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8 Fun Reading Log Alternatives

Have you considered using reading log alternatives to hold your students accountable for their reading? Reading logs are not fun for anyone. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I have a feeling that if you are reading this post, you feel the same way. Students aren’t always honest about their

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Winter Digital Escape Room

Winter digital escape rooms are something exciting to add to your lesson plans during the cold winter months.  Sometimes teaching in winter can be a challenge. It’s cold outside, the students either want to be out in the snow or want nothing to do with it, and you never know

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4 Ways To Improve Student Writing Engagement

Student writing engagement is a common challenge in ELA classrooms everywhere. This is not only a skill that students will need as they go forward in their educational and real-world careers, but it is also a difficult skill for many of them to master.  The more difficult students find this

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