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Why Teach Cursive Writing in Middle School?

How well do you know cursive writing? 

Some of us learned this skill in elementary school, before the popularity of using computers and other digital resources in school. If you need to teach cursive writing in middle school nowadays, however, you may be at a loss for where to start. 

How old is cursive writing? 

Cursive writing has been around for a long, long time. However, in the past years, since the rise of digital media and other digital devices that are available for school use, the use of cursive writing has been on the decline. 

Cursive writing was seen as a faster and more effective way of writing, as opposed to printing in block letters. Even nowadays, cursive writing is used when documents are signed – signatures are meant to be in cursive writing rather than printed. 

The problem is that many students don’t know how to write in cursive, nor have they been taught it in school, as some curriculums haven’t mandated it.

Why should I teach cursive writing in middle school?

  • Mandatory Topic For some curriculums, cursive writing has now become a mandatory topic. Students should be required to learn at least to write their own names in cursive writing if anything. 
  • Used in Advertising and Commerical Products Not only that but learning the basics of cursive writing will help students understand the various fonts that are used by the media. While cursive writing might not have been taught in schools recently, it is still very prominent in media. Many ads use script and cursive texts to add appeal and visual variety to their advertisements, and artists can use cursive calligraphy to add words to their art. In places such as coffee shops, oftentimes, a chalkboard might advertise goods using cursive calligraphy. 

Middle School Cursive Writing Workbook

Use this Middle School Cursive Writing Workbook to help your student practice and reinforce their cursive writing skills. Students will practice writing their upper and lower case letters as well as their signature and cursive writing quote sentences.

As with learning anything, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are many resources available to learn cursive writing, but if you are teaching cursive writing in middle school, why not start with this Middle School Cursive Writing Workbook

This workbook goes over the basic letters in upper and lower case letters and gives students a starting point to write their names in cursive writing. From there, they can practice writing various quotes to get a grasp on how the words are supposed to flow and connect together. 

This Middle School Cursive Writing Workbook contains: 

  • Video Links
  • Middle School Lesson Ideas
  • Upper & Lower Case Letters Practice Pages
  • Sentence Practice Pages

Please note that this is not an intensive unit on learning to write cursive, but a starting point for students. This workbook is a great introductory resource if it’s now required by the curriculum to teach cursive writing in middle school or if you just want your students to learn this valuable skill. 

You can find this Middle School Cursive Writing Workbook on Teachers Pay Teachers USD or Shopify CAD

What are some ways I can use cursive writing in the classroom? 

Cursive writing doesn’t have to start and end with students learning letters and writing their names. There are some activities you can do to further reinforce this skill with them, as well as fun activities to get them wanting to use cursive writing more and more. 

  1. Inspirational Quote Writing: Ask your students to write their favourite inspirational quotes in cursive writing to practice their skills further. Introduce them to fun cursive calligraphy to show them how they can write beautifully stylized letters and words. 
  2. Letter Writing: Write a letter to an inspirational figure. Once your students have the basics of cursive writing down, they can write a letter to someone who inspires them. This can also tie into your history classes; for example, after your students complete their Prime Ministers of Canada Research Assignment, they can write a letter to their prime minister in cursive writing. (You can find the Prime Ministers of Canada Research Assignment on Teachers Pay Teachers USD or Shopify CAD.)
  3. Examine Historical Documents: In addition to the above, you can also find historical documents written in cursive throughout the years to show students how cursive writing has changed over time. Have them practice reading various documents to see if they can make out what they say. 
  4. Combine Cursive And Creative Writing: Add some cursive to your creative writing. Do your students love writing stories or poems? Incorporate your cursive writing into your creative writing or poetry units. You could even find some poetry written in cursive to show your students. You can find 2 Peas and a Dog poetry lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers USD or Shopify CAD
  5. Combine Cursive Writing With Science: Do your students ever have to draw diagrams for their science experiments? Have them label their diagrams with cursive writing. 
  6. Start A Collaborative Story. Collaborative stories can be a lot of fun for students. Generally, they start with a sentence that is either in the resource or provided by the teacher, and then each student contributes a sentence to the story after that as it is passed around the classroom. Have your students write their contributions in cursive writing so they can practice. It’s also a fun way to see how everyone’s writing style in cursive varies throughout the classroom. 
  7. Pre-Made Writing Prompts: Try pre-made writing prompts with your students to get their creativity going. Students will choose from 9 different story prompts. You can find these Interactive Writing Prompts on Teachers Pay Teachers USD or Shopify CAD. If your lesson on cursive writing falls close to Christmas, you can use these Christmas writing prompts as well. Find the Christmas Writing Prompts on Teachers Pay Teachers USD or Shopify CAD
  8. Pen Pal Club: You could start a pen pal club where students write to each other in cursive.
  9. Comic Strip Creation: Once students have created the images for their comics, they can write the captions using cursive writing.
  10. Explore The History Of Cursive Writing: Let students explore the history of cursive writing and share their learning with their classmates.
  11. Create Cursive Art:  Students can create art that incorporates their name or other positive words in cursive writing. 

There are so many fun ways you can teach cursive writing in middle school. In addition to the ideas already mentioned. And just think, many old things do come back in style. Clothing and hobbies that were very popular years ago that fell out of style have come back in style again. The same goes for cursive writing. When you teach cursive writing in middle school, you allow your students to learn a skill they might not learn otherwise.

I hope you found this post on why you should teach cursive writing in middle school helpful and discovered some ways you can incorporate cursive writing in your classroom activities. 

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