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Engaging Rant Writing Unit

Try this free Rant Writing Unit in your middle school ELA classroom today.

Have you tried my free Rant Writing Unit yet?

Sometimes, we, as humans, like to voice our issues or concerns about something with a good rant, so why not show our students that writing isn’t just essays but that it can be something fun, like writing rants. Try having students work on a Rant Writing Unit and see how much writing engagement you get in your classroom. 

Writing is such an important part of any language arts curriculum. Quality, well-developed writing skills are something that will serve students well not only throughout their academic careers but also throughout their entire lives. Writing encompasses so many aspects of our lives, including job applications, email writing and effective communication, and so much more.  

Despite this, writing can be difficult – both for teachers to teach and for students to learn.  

Two big reasons for this are: 

  1. Learning to write well can be a lot of work.
  2. Learning to write often does not hold students’ interest. 

One way to combat these challenges is by using my free Rant Writing Unit. Students rant and complain to each other (and often to you) daily, so why not channel these thoughts into quality writing? This unit will help you do just that. 

The unit’s engaging lessons bring persuasive writing (as well as public speaking) into your classroom in a manner that students are excited about and invested in. They will learn the success criteria for a good rant that will not only help them in this unit and their current studies but can also help them as they continue on with their education and go forward in their real-world careers. 

This classroom-tested Rant Writing Unit resource meets multiple curriculum expectations/standards and engages students in ways that typical persuasive writing and public speaking lessons do not. 

Click here to download this great resource for free!

How does it do that? 

  1. It is creative and fun. 
  2. It has great flexibility, so it works well as something you do in small chunks that fit in around other activities and topics in your classroom or as a focused unit over fewer days. 
  3. Lastly, it teaches students that writing is so much more than essays. Writing can be fun and exciting!

Though designed for middle school students, this unit can be a fun way for older students to review persuasive writing, as well. Click here to download this great resource for free!

Rant Writing Unit

In this Rant Writing Unit, you will find the following resources:

  • A unit overview
  • Daily lesson plans 
  • Writing process graphic organizers and answer keys
  • Rant video examples (must have reliable Internet access to view these examples)
  • An assignment sheet for students
  • An editing sheet
  • Rant assessment criteria 
  • Teaching slides
  • Google Classroom-ready PDFs
  • Google Slides graphic organizers for 1:1 technology schools

Don’t let writing get you down, and don’t let this skill continue to be a daunting task for your students.  Next time you are preparing to teach persuasive writing, I encourage you to give my free Rant Writing Unit a try!  Click here to download this great resource for free!

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This FREE persuasive writing unit is

By using highly-engaging rants, your students won’t even realize you’ve channeled their daily rants and complaints into high-quality, writing!

FREE persuasive writing unit is