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Year: 2022

Canadian History Sub Plans

Canadian history sub plans can be a challenge to find. You want to ensure that engaging and relevant lessons are left for your students when you are absent.  Sometimes you can have the substitute teacher continue on with your regular lessons, but other times the material cannot be left for

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Creating Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships

Learn about 5 ways to create positive parent-teacher relationships that are important to implement into your teaching practice. It is crucial to have a positive relationship with our students and staff when becoming a teacher. They are not the only ones we have these relationships with.  When I stepped foot

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YA Mystery Novels

YA mystery novels can be a great genre to read for many students. This blog post is a list of 10 different YA mystery books that will grab your students’ attention. This blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the reader. If you make a purchase

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Middle School Halloween Activities

Middle school Halloween activities do not need to be boring. We can still celebrate this fun day with middle school students. Don’t get me wrong, Halloween costumes can be fun.  The opportunity to be someone you are not – be it sparkly fairy, evil vampire queen, or something totally different has

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Why Use Graphic Organizers?

Using graphic organizers is very important. We have all heard of them. We have all used them. We may have even designed a few ourselves. The noble graphic organizer needs to be a key tool in your middle school classroom.  From the K-W-L format  to mind webbing and everything in

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ELA Classroom Routines In Middle School

ELA classroom routines are a key part of any English Language Arts classroom. Study after study has shown that students thrive on consistency.  Be it behavioral expectations, grading uniformity, or class and curriculum structure, consistency benefits all students.   That doesn’t mean that you can never have a day that is

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Best Teacher Side Hustles

Teacher side hustles are a reality for many teachers. One of the first things you can do when looking for a teacher side hustle is to reach out to former employers you have worked with and see if they need any part-time help.  Also reach out to everyone you know

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Fall Lesson Plans For Middle School

Fall lesson plans for middle school students can be a challenge to find. The fall is a great time because it signals that school is back in session for many students. It is also a very colourful season and a great time to get outside with your classes before the

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