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How To Easily Create Classroom Podcasts

Learn how to create classroom podcasts as a tool to help keep students focused and engaged on their learning.

Have you ever wanted to create classroom podcasts? Podcasts are a great learning resource for your students at school. If you don’t know how to create classroom podcasts or you are unfamiliar with this media format, let’s get introduced!

A podcast is a digital audio recording, usually involving talking, and it’s streamed over the internet or downloaded to a device for later use. You can listen to podcasts anywhere and any time of day. They cover a wide range of topics. Think of them almost like a mini-audio book or a talk show. Many podcasts are free and are narrative or non-fiction-focused. 

Why Should We Use Podcasts in the Classroom? 

Podcasts are great pieces of content to use in the classroom. They can give your students the option of learning about informational topics. They are not as long as audiobooks. They can be very entertaining and engaging – they include different sound effects and voice actors and can consist of cliffhangers. Talk about your students hanging onto the edge of their seats! 

Students can access them anywhere, anytime! They can listen to them online at school or download them to listen to them on the go. They come in a variety of topics. Narrative podcasts require students to use their listening comprehension skills to think about what they have listened to. 

Teachers can use podcasts as a great listening comprehension tool for their students to use in the classroom. Students can use podcasts as a listening station and a choice board in their classroom, and podcasts are fantastic for sub plans. Your students will still be engaged when the teacher has to be gone. Check out this blog post if you need more details about why teachers should use podcasts in their classrooms and create classroom podcasts. 

How Can We Create Classroom Podcasts? 

Creating podcasts also gives students a chance to showcase their learning in a different format than traditionally used. 

Steps to Create Classroom Podcasts

  1. Students select an idea or topic of interest for the podcast. 
  2. Decide if you want students to work together in a group or independently. 
  3. Choose the type of podcast you want them to record – narrative or non-fiction. 
  4. Students brainstorm content ideas for their podcasts. 
  5. Approve podcast ideas and make sure they are school appropriate and feasible.
  6. Students will begin working on podcasts. 
  7. Students need to complete any research or story writing. The next step is working on a detailed podcast script. 
  8. Podcast creators use scripts to ensure they stay on task and remain focused. 
  9. Students should rehearse independently or with a classmate before they start recording their podcasts. 
  10. Give students time in class to record their podcasts. 
  11. Suggested recording devices include Chromebooks, cellphones, computers, or laptops with built-in or external microphones. 
  12. Suggested editing and creating options: Anchor, Soundtrap, Beautiful Audio Editor, Online Voice Recorder, or Garage Band. 
  13. Develop a grading system for assessing student podcasts- rubrics or point-based. 
  14. You can decide how your students will be presenting their podcasts. Instead of listening to all of them, you can make a signup sheet and let students listen to a certain amount of the podcast or make a rotation schedule.

Ready To Go Classroom Podcast Creation Lesson

If you are interested and looking for a resource on how to create podcasts in the classroom, I’ve got you covered! 

Use this Podcast Creation Assignment to help students learn about podcasts and then create classroom podcasts. This resource contains three lessons to help students and teachers learn about this engaging media type. 

Resource Contains:

  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • 3 Lessons (#1: Podcast Non-Fiction Article, #2: Podcast Comparison Analysis, #3: Podcast Creation Assignment)
  • Individual PDFs for Google Classroom
  • Google Slides Format for 1:1 Classrooms

Learn more about the Podcast Creation Assignment in my Shopify CAD store or Teachers Pay Teachers USD store. It’s time to get creative and let your students learn more about the world of podcasting today and get them to create classroom podcasts. 

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