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Month: November 2022

Why Teach Middle School Creative Writing?

Middle school creative writing sometimes gets a bad rap.  It is often seen as less serious and less important than many other types of writing.  This is too bad because frequent and directed creative writing can offer significant benefits to your students and curriculum.   Let’s talk about a few of

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YA Romance Novels

YA romance novels are one of my favourite genres. I love reading these cute love stories and losing myself in the author’s writing. It is not just teachers and their students who recognize what a great genre this is – many major streaming platforms have made YA romance books into

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Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies Resources

Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies resources can be a challenge to find. Teaching a new subject or grade can sometimes be overwhelming, no matter how excited you are about it. Not only do you have all the prep work and grading of a typical year, but you often are also

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Vicious is My Middle Name Book Review

Reading Vicious is My Middle Name by Kevin Dunn felt like I was in a time machine transported back to the 90s when I loved punk music and Doc Martens. This blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the reader. If you make a purchase through

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Engaging Teacher Book Recommendations

If you are looking for a fantastic novel for your teacher book club or just to read yourself, I have compiled a list of teacher book recommendations of books I have enjoyed reading. This teacher book recommendations blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the reader.

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Teacher Gift Guide 2022

Use this teacher gift guide to get some ideas for some great gifts for teachers and non-teachers alike. If you have teachers (or anyone who you want to buy a present for) in your life and are looking for some gift ideas check out this list which has been compiled

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