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Full Year Creative Writing Bundle

This Full Year Creative Writing Bundle is a great way to get middle school students excited about creative writing.  

Creative writing is a part of the majority of ELA curriculums. Most teachers must include it in one manner or another with their students each year. Many students enjoy creative writing, so this isn’t too difficult to do. 

Creating writing prompts and assignments can be challenging if you are pressed for time. This Full Year Creative Writing Bundle is one great way to fulfill the creative writing requirement without devoting an entire weekend to planning.  

Why is creative writing essential to middle school students? 

Creative writing is essential to middle school learning because it allows students to develop skills necessary for academic and personal growth. 

First, it gets students to use their imagination and explore creativity by encouraging them to think outside the box and explore new ideas. When doing this, students enhance problem-solving abilities by working through writing prompts and exercises. 

Second, when you teach creative writing, you allow students to develop communication skills. By expressing their thoughts and emotions through their writing, students learn to articulate ideas clearly and effectively. This skill is important in academic settings and in everyday life, giving students the confidence they need to navigate various social and professional situations.

Moreover, when crafting stories, students must make decisions about plot, character development, and language use, sharpening their ability to evaluate and revise their work. This process encourages them to think critically about different perspectives and reflect on their choices’ impact.

Creative writing encourages empathy and understanding. Through writing from different points of view or exploring diverse characters and situations, students develop empathy and gain insight into the experiences of others. 

Teaching creative writing in middle school strengthens academic skills and encourages creativity, communication, critical thinking, and empathy, preparing students to succeed in their academic and personal endeavours.

To learn more about teaching creative writing in the middle school classroom, you can read these articles: When to Use Creative Writing Activities and Why Teach Middle School Creative Writing?

Full Year Creative Writing Bundle

Luckily, it’s never been easier to find resources to teach creative writing in middle school – especially when you use my Full Year Creative Writing Bundle. The resource comes with nine creative writing choice boards – Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Back to School. 

Use this no-prep - just photocopy and teach, Creative Writing Year Long Bundle that will keep your students engaged in their writing.

For this Full Year Creative Writing Bundle, I use a double-sided photocopy to share the seasonal and holiday writing prompts. This way, students can decide which option they want to write about. This covers celebrating a holiday for students who want to and sticking to the curriculum for students who don’t. 

Students select one of the provided character roles on each choice board and create a written or visual product based on a character-specific writing prompt.  Students use the RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) format. Read the blog post, Student Engagement Through Choice Writing, to learn more about the RAFT format. 

By asking students to write on seasonal or holiday topics, the Full Year Creative Writing Bundle helps maintain student interest by keeping writing subjects engaging. One of the ideas is for the students to write a love letter from a shovel to a garden rake (or something similar) since they can only be together for short periods throughout the year – this will definitely give students a chance to explore their creativity! 

The Full Year Creative Writing Bundle Includes:
➡️ Detailed Teacher Instructions
➡️ 9 Different Creative Writing Assignments
➡️ 25 Exemplars
➡️ Standards-Based Grading Rubric (Level 1 – Level 4)
➡️ Points-Based Grading Rubric (Provides a final percentage mark)
➡️ Print & Digital Formats

The nine assignments included are Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Back to School.

You can grab the Full Year Creative Writing Bundle on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD

Here’s what teachers have said about this resource: 

“My students looked forward to these creative writing activities. We did the Christmas themed one, the valentines themed one, and the Easter one. The students began to anticipate the assignment around each holiday and started to guess which characters may be included.” – Megan D. 

“LOVE this product! Accessible for all students and provides choices for them. Love the RAFT format – makes marking and report season much easier when they’ve been practicing all year to write in different roles, audiences, formats, and topics!!” – Kiera M.

Get your students to explore their creativity with this Full Year Creative Writing Bundle. And, if you want even more of your planning done for ELA, this bundle is also included in the Full Year Middle School English Language Arts Lesson Bundle 1 and Full Year Middle School English Language Arts Lesson Bundle 2

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