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Full Year Creative Writing Bundle

This Full Year Creative Writing Bundle is a great way to get middle school students excited about creative writing.  

Creative writing is a part of the majority of ELA curriculums out there. Most teachers have to include it in one manner or another with their students each year.  This is not usually too much of a chore since most students really enjoy creative writing. Now, coming up with creating writing prompts and assignments can be a challenge if you are pressed for time.

This Full Year Creative Writing Bundle is one great way to fulfill the creative writing requirement – but not having to devote an entire weekend of planning to the task.  

Sample Task

On each choice board, students select one of the provided character roles and create a written or visual product based on a character-specific writing prompt.  Students use the RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, Topic) format to do this. 

By asking students to write on seasonal or holiday topics, this resource helps maintain student interest by keeping writing subjects engaging. One of the ideas is for the students to write a love letter from a shovel to a garden rake (or something similar) since they can only be together for short periods of time throughout the year. 

Inclusive Student Choices

The resource comes with 9 different creative writing choice boards – Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Back-to-School. I use a double-sided photocopy to share both the seasonal and holiday writing prompts together. 

Students get to decide which option they want to write about. This covers celebrating a holiday for students who want to and sticking to the curriculum for students who don’t. 

Teacher Feedback

This resource is very thorough. I love how it provides students with an opportunity to progress through the writing process throughout the year. Thank you for creating this creative writing bundle! — Monica I 

Students liked the opportunity for choice when writing. It made reading their finished work more exciting for me as they were not all the same! — Amanda M

This Full Year Creative Writing Bundle is a great way to get middle school students excited about creative writing.  

This popular full-year resource contains everything you need for great print-and-go creative writing activities. You will find detailed teacher instructions, 9 different creative writing assignments, standards-based and points-based rubrics, and digital versions to assist with online learning. Try this Full Year Creative Writing Bundle with your students today. Find this resource on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

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