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Month: October 2022

Best Middle School Poems

Finding engaging and age-appropriate middle school poems does not need to be challenging. I have created three different lists outlining some suggested poems for 6th, 7th and 8th grade. I also included links to premade poetry units that include lessons to help students learn about this fantastic literary genre.  Middle

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Full Year Creative Writing Bundle

Creative writing is a part of the majority of ELA curriculums. Most teachers must include it in one manner or another with their students each year. Many students enjoy creative writing, so this isn’t too difficult to do.  Creating writing prompts and assignments can be challenging if you are pressed

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Creating Positive Parent-Teacher Relationships

Learn about 5 ways to create positive parent-teacher relationships that are important to implement into your teaching practice. It is crucial to have a positive relationship with our students and staff when becoming a teacher. They are not the only ones we have these relationships with.  When I stepped foot

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Thrilling YA Mystery Novels

YA mystery novels can be a great genre to read for many students. This blog post is a list of 10 different YA mystery novels that will grab your students’ attention. This YA Mystery Novels blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the reader. If you

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This FREE persuasive writing unit is

By using highly-engaging rants, your students won’t even realize you’ve channeled their daily rants and complaints into high-quality, writing!

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