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Best Teacher Side Hustles

Teacher side hustles is a common practice for many teachers. Here are some ideas for teachers looking part time jobs.

Teacher side hustles are a reality for many teachers. One of the first things you can do when looking for a teacher side hustle is to reach out to former employers you have worked with and see if they need any part-time help. 

Also reach out to everyone you know via email, text, phone call and social media and let them know you are looking for temporary or part-time work. It is incredible how many opportunities could possibly come your way. 

I have compiled a crowd-sourced list of possible teacher side hustle ideas. 

Teacher Side Hustles 

  • House sitter
  • Pet sitter
  • Dog walker
  • Reading names at post-secondary level commencements
  • Camp counsellor
  • Join an MLM business you already use and love (e.g., Pampered Chef, Avon, 31 Gifts, etc.)
  • Tutor in-person or online
  • Work in a restaurant
  • Work in a retail store
  • Evening/weekend receptionist 
  • Rent out a parking spot at your home
  • Uber, Door Dash, Instacart Shopper
  • Resell items (from your home or found at thrift stores)
  • Sell clothes on thredUP or Poshmark
  • Clean homes and/or businesses
  • Teach private lessons for which you are qualified e.g., music, dance, swimming, fitness, etc.
  • Lifeguard at public and private pools (If you have the certification)
  • Do you sew? People are always looking for someone to do alterations.
  • Become a travel agent for family and friends
  • Work at evening and weekend special events/festivals 
  • Look up job ads through online job sites like Indeed
  • Reach out to any Teachers Pay Teacher author whose resources you love and ask if they are hiring. Sometimes they need virtual assistants to help with related tasks.
  • Google “Virtual Assistant Jobs” to see what is available
  • Search for virtual assistant jobs through online job search websites
  • Don’t forget about seasonal work – holiday-themed stores often hire extra staff during their holiday season
  • Retail stores often hire extra staff during the holiday season – check at your local shopping mall

Online Teaching Job Companies

Inquire with each company to see if their expectations and requirements align with your skill set. Sign up for the company newsletter to get insight into a company. You might need a TEFL certificate to teach English as a Second Language class. 

Check out this blog post from Everyday Reading for other side hustles and part-time work ideas. 

Something I want to share my opinion on is that Teachers Pay Teachers is not a side hustle. Some people will tell you that it is something you can do in your spare time. Creating quality teaching resources takes time and money. At a minimum, you might need to pay for clip art, fonts, photos and editing. 

If you are considering quitting teaching – check out this blog post for resources.

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