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Month: August 2022

Grade 8 History

Are you looking for Grade 8 History lessons for the Ontario Curriculum?  History is one of my favorite content areas to teach. I have created some engaging and interactive lessons for teachers who are required to teach this curriculum.  When creating lessons I think about how students learn best and

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Meet the Teacher Night Ideas

Meet the teacher night is different everywhere. Some are specifically for students, some for parents/guardians, and some are for both! Meet the teacher nights don’t have to be something you dread – they can actually be fun. We typically know what will entertain our students – so let’s focus on the

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Sports Books for Middle School

Many middle school students participate in sports and enjoy reading about characters they can relate to. Check out this list of sports books for middle school students. This Sports Books for Middle School blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the reader. If you make a

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