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How to Download Google Slides as a PowerPoint

Learn how to download Google Slides as PowerPoint files which give the user more options than just using one platform.

Using a digital LMS (Learning Management System) can save paper, keep you and your students more organized, and give you more opportunities to differentiate your lessons and make them fun. 

Google Classroom is a common LMS, which is why many Teachers Pay Teachers resources are formatted for Google Slides or Google Docs. 

But if you’re not using Google Classroom, this may be a problem for you. 

You’d still love to use these resources, but maybe you’re not quite sure how to make them work in your LMS. The solution is to change the file format. Even if your system is incompatible with Google Slides, it will most likely allow you to upload PowerPoint files. 

Watch this video for a super quick tutorial on how to download Google Slides presentations as PowerPoint files.

Instructions: Download Google Slides as a PowerPoint on Your Computer

  1. Open the Google Slides lesson
  2. Click the “file” option on the top left of the screen
  3. Scroll down to the “download” selection from the drop down menu and click on the “Microsoft PowerPoint” option
  4. This will download the file to your computer in a PowerPoint format
  5. Open the “Downloads” folder on your computer and open the new file

You can now upload this slideshow to any LMS that accepts PowerPoint files.

Quick Tip: This skill is also useful if you want to have a backup version of your slides. Even if you’re using an LMS that’s compatible with Google, if you always download Google Slides shows as PowerPoints to your computer, you won’t run into any trouble the next time your classroom’s internet is spotty and you can’t get into your Google Drive. 

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