Month: June 2022

YA Realistic Fiction Novels

Do you or your students enjoy reading YA fiction? I have complied a list of 10 YA Realistic Fiction novels that would be great to recommend to students who want to read young adult novels. This blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the reader. If

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Free Pet-Themed Digital Escape Room

Would you like to try a free digital escape room? Have you tried digital escape rooms with your students yet? They are a fantastic way to help build community with cooperative learning and engage students in social-emotional learning for 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. This pet-themed digital escape room provides

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Middle School Mystery Lessons

Are you looking for interesting middle school mystery lessons for your students? Check out these engaging non-fiction articles about famous mysteries such as Who Was D.B. Cooper or The Loch Ness Monster. These lessons are perfect for days when several of your students are absent due to a school event

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