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Middle School End of Year Activities

Are you looking for engaging middle school end of the year activities? Check out these great no-prep suggestions.

Are you looking for engaging middle school end of the year activities? I have some great suggestions for you.

Middle School End of Year Activities

Check out these three resources that will help you reduce your planning load stress during the end of the year with your middle school classes. 

Free 6 Word Memoirs Assignment

Students will love writing their 6 Word Memoirs. It is the perfect opportunity to have students reflect on their year and learn about the editing and publishing process. Students are given a template to help them summarize their school year in 6 words. They are also provided with examples. This assignment will keep your students engaged and enjoying the end of the year. This resource contains both PDF and Google Slides formats. Download this free 6 Word Memoirs Assignment here

Teachers Loved This Resource

“This was a great guide for my students as they wrote their 6-word memoirs to reflect on the year.” 

End of the Year Mega Bundle

Middle School Teachers! The End of the Year Mega Bundle is the ultimate solution to end your school year with engaged students. This resource contains 10 captivating activities specifically designed for middle school students. It's the perfect mix of educational lessons and entertaining adventures, ensuring your students remain interested in learning until the very last day of school.

Another fantastic middle school end of the year activity is this End of the Year Mega Bundle.

This End of the Year Mega Bundle contains 10 different end-of-the-year activities for your students. This bundle is a mix of academic lessons (non-fiction articles) and just for fun activities (digital escape room). Help keep your students engaged until the last day of school with these creative end-of-the-year activities. Find this resource on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

Included Resources

  1. Are Public Pools Safe? Non-Fiction Article
  2. Amusement Parks Non-Fiction Article
  3. End of the Year Digital Escape Room
  4. Summer Creative Writing Assignment
  5. Letter Writing (Advice to Future Student, Dear Future Teacher)
  6. School Year Reflections Memory Book (4 pages)
  7. Read It Book Recommendations
  8. Six-Word Memoirs
  9. Thank You Card Writing

What Teachers Are Saying About This Resource?

“As per usual, 2peasandadog comes to save the day! Students were burned out from the events of this year, and they really enjoyed these end of the year activities. Activities are always well organized, explained, and thought out.”

Podcast Listening Comprehension Lesson Bundle

Podcast Listening Comprehension Bundle

Use these 12 engaging listening comprehension lessons to learn about consumers, companies and marketing. These high-interest lessons cover topics such as take out container marketing, fancy product names and vending machines trends. Keep your students engaged and learning during those last few days/weeks of school with this lesson bundle. Find this resource on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

Teacher Feedback

“I’ve been looking for engaging listening comprehension activities and this fits that perfectly. The unit is easy to use and follow. My students found the content interesting and engaging. Thanks!”

Podcast Creation Assignment


What's Included: ✅ Detailed Lesson Plans ✅ Graphic Organizers ✅ Podcast Script Writing Example ✅ Levels & Points Rubrics ✅ Print & Digital Formats ✅ 3 Lessons: Podcast Non-Fiction Article: This article contains a pre-reading K-W-L chart, regular and modified versions of the article, an audio file of each article, and 3 post-reading activities (comprehension questions, grammar questions and a long answer writing response). Podcast Comparison Analysis: Students will review fiction and non-fiction podcasts and discuss what elements each contains. Podcast Creation Assignment: Students will learn how to create their own podcast using this scaffolded method. Here's what fellow educators are saying: “Loved this!! I used this after our book clubs were complete. It was a great way to have the students connect their reading to media. The students had so much fun researching the podcasts and figuring out how to create their own. It was a great assignment.” “My students loved making their own podcast! This resource was very well laid out and went through the progression of learning about podcasts to creating their own. The project outlines were clear and supported students in meeting all the expectations of the assignment." “This resource takes you through the podcast creation process from beginning to end. My students were very engaged and loved creating their podcasts. Well worth purchasing if you're looking at creating podcasts with your class.” Ignite your students' imagination while honing their communication and critical analysis skills. Get ready to embark on an exciting podcasting journey with your class today.

Use this scaffolded Podcast Creation Assignment to help students learn about podcasts and then create their own. This resource contains 3 lessons to help students and teachers learn about this engaging media type. Find this resource on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

Lesson Overview

  • Lesson #1 Podcast Non-Fiction Article:
  • Lesson #2 Podcast Comparison Analysis
  • Lesson #3 Podcast Creation Assignment

Teacher Thoughts

“We had so much fun with this. Now the kids want to use podcasts for everything! This resource provided everything that we needed to support the students in writing and creating a podcast.”

These middle school end of the year activities will help students stay engaged in their learning to the very last day of school! 

Additional Middle School End of Year Activities

  1. End of the Year Digital Escape Room
  2. Creative End of the Year Middle School Activities

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