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Thoughtful End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Celebrate teachers with these ideas for end of the year teacher gifts.

End-of-the-Year Teacher Gifts

Is it the time of year when people begin to think of end of the year teacher gifts. It is always a surprise and a delight when I get a gift from a colleague or a student.  I love to get my teaching partners a small gift at the end of the school year to say “We Made It” and “Thank You.”

If you are looking for ideas for end of the year teacher gifts check out this list. Teacher gifts do not need to be expensive or elaborate, a handwritten thank you note or a $5 coffee gift card goes a long way to say thank you to a teacher. Check out these $5 Gift Guides from Everyday Reading.

If you are looking for more end of the year teacher gift ideas this list has lots for you to explore.

  • Gift Cards: Gift cards to a local bookstore, gas station, car wash, coffee shop, or office supply store can be useful and appreciated. You could also get a gift card to a popular take out lunch spot near the school that the teacher could save for their next professional development day.
  • Personalized Items: Personalized gifts such as a tote bag or a stationary set with the teacher’s name can add a personal touch. My friend made me a stamp for Christmas with my Bitmoji on it. My students were so excited that the stamp said my name and “looked” like me. She got it from instamps on Etsy. Another great teacher stamp store is Lucky Stamps on Etsy. Molly is a teacher in California who also makes the cutest stamps. Use the codes below to save money when shopping!
  • Classroom Supplies: It would be rare for teachers not to spend their own money on classroom supplies as schools do not have unlimited budgets. Consider purchasing supplies teachers need pencils, pens, glue sticks, sticky notes or getting them a gift card to an office supply store. 
  • Plants or Flowers: If you know that the teacher likes plants consider getting them a low-maintenance potted plant or a bouquet. 
  • Books: Do you know what the teacher is interested in? Maybe they have a passion they always talk about. Find a book related to the teacher’s interests or the subject they teach.
  • Class Gift: Do you know the other families in the class? Consider organizing a group gift that coordinates the resources of the group to purchase a larger gift. Treat the teacher to an experience like a spa day, restaurant gift certificate, or tickets to a show or event as a way to encourage enjoyment outside of the classroom.
  • Charity Donation: You might know what the teacher is passionate about (for me it is literacy) so donate in their name to a charity that aligns with their passions. 

Shop Local For End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Check out this Canadian-owned and locally produced (Hamilton, Ontario) female-owned company called Rough Bark Knits. They create handmade knitwear that is perfect for gifting or buying yourself something nice.














These Cup Cozies made from vegan materials make a great gift or addition to a gift. You could put a gift card inside of them! Check out all the beautiful items at Rough Bark Knits. 

Here are a few items to avoid when purchasing end of the year teacher gifts:

  • Anything scented – perfume, candles, bath products. Not all people wanted scented items.
  • Mugs – teachers only have so much space in their classroom and home cupboards. 
  • Alcohol – not everyone drinks alcohol. 
  • Clothing – unless it is something super special like a sports jersey and you know their size this is another very personal item that should be avoided. 

Print out this list and use it to help you find the perfect end of the year teacher gifts for those special teachers in your life. 

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