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Teacher Career Advice

Find great teacher career advice and professional development information that will help teachers with their job search process.

Are you looking for some teacher career advice?

Whether you are in your first year or in your fifteenth – it is important to get honest and current information about this profession. 

Searching for a teaching job is not the same as looking for a part-time or even a full-time non-teaching position. It is important to get your teacher career advice from teaching websites or from real teachers. 

This article has two main sections: job search advice and professional development opportunities. Each section has links that pertain to helpful subtopics relating to your teaching career. I have even covered some less-discussed topics, such as the non-renewal process and leaving teaching. 

Teacher Career Advice

Job Search Advice

Professional Development Opportunities

When preparing for a job interview, it is important to stay current with your educational practices and knowledge base. Below is a list of online resources to help with this task. 

Additional Resources

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