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March Break Creative Writing

Are you looking for a fun way to welcome students back from March Break? Check out these engaging creative writing prompts.

Are you looking for a fun way to welcome students back from March Break/Spring Break or just celebrate the month of March?

It is important to acknowledge that students have just come back from a break, but it is also important to recognize that not all students might have had a positive experience. 

March Break Creative Writing Assignment

Check out these engaging March Break creative writing prompts.

Asking students to just retell their March Break might be uncomfortable. To help students share their experiences in a fun way I created these free engaging creative writing prompts that are a low-stress way for students to return from March Break or Spring Break.

Teachers have three options to choose from – March Break, Spring Break or March creative writing pages. Students can select one of the four writing prompts – where they compare their break/month to a dinosaur, a video game, a book or a dessert. 

This free resource comes in both PDF and Google Slides formats depending on the needs of your students.

Teachers can choose to assess their students’ writing using a simple checkbric. 

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