Grade 7 Geography Lessons

Check out these Grade 7 Geography lessons for the Ontario Curriculum that are focused on student engagement.

Are you looking for Grade 7 Geography lessons for the Ontario Curriculum? 

I love teaching Geography and have created some engaging lessons for teachers who are required to teach this curriculum. 

When I create lessons I think about how students learn best and what activities will engage them in their learning. These lesson plans are not worksheets, but a combination of interactive activities, videos, readings and inquiry assignments.

Grade 7 Geography LessonsOntario Curriculum Grade 7 Geography Lessons

Grade 7 Geography Bundle Ontario Curriculum – In this Grade 7 Geography Unit Bundle teachers are provided with 37 in-depth lessons to help their students explore and understand physical patterns in a changing world as well as natural resources around the world. Topics Included are landforms, water systems, vegetation regions, climate regions, challenges presented by the physical environment, extraction types, issues, methods, perspectives on use, the impact of use, environmental concerns, and energy types.

Unit Includes:

  • 37 different lessons
  • Lots of variety and student choice on assignments
  • Detailed teacher and student directions
  • Q-Chart to help students formulate good questions
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Case Study on Canadian Diamonds vs. Conflict Diamonds
  • Inquiry station graphic organizers to help students with their research
  • A variety of assessment formats (inquiry, assignments, quiz, and test)

Teacher Review

“I love, love, love these materials. I had never taught geography before 4 years ago and I really had no idea where to start. This bundle had everything I needed. The materials are easy to use. The lesson notes are great. The video links are wonderful. I feel very successful using this bundle!” – Pam T

Modified Geography UnitsOntario Curriculum Grade 7 Geography Lessons

Grade 7 Geography Modified Bundle – This modified grade 7 geography bundle is for classroom teachers who are required to teach the Grade 7 Geography Ontario Curriculum but have students working significantly below grade level in reading, writing, and comprehension. Each of the 27 lessons aligns with a key concept in the Ontario Grade 7 Geography Curriculum but has significantly reduced reading and writing expectations within the lesson. An MP3 audio file of each student reading has been provided. This resource was designed to meet the needs of ELL students and/or students on a modified IEP. Watch the overview video for this resource here

Resource Includes:

  • 27 Modified Grade 7 Geography Lessons
  • MP3 Audio Files of Student Readings
  • Detailed Teacher Instructions
  • Google Slides version
  • Individual PDFs

French Immersion Lessons

Ontario Curriculum Grade 7 Geography Lessons

If you are looking for Grade 7 Geography lessons for your French Immersion students check out these two resources:

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