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Free Rubik’s Cube Lesson

Use this free Rubik's Cube lesson in your middle school ELA classroom to help students reinforce their reading comprehension skills.

Reading comprehension is an important skill for students to master.

Unfortunately, reading comprehension practice is often not something that inspires excitement among students.  

One way to combat this apathy is to use reading selections that students find interesting.  My free Rubik’s Cube lesson is just such an interest-garnering activity. This great lesson fits easily in many places in your curriculum–between units, as part of a non-fiction unit, as a choice activity, or even as a fun activity for students to do with a sub.  

In this Rubik’s Cube lesson students will practice their reading, writing, listening, recall, and critical thinking skills.  

Additionally, while the activity is designed for middle school students, it will also hold the attention of high school students and can be used for even those older students who need additional practice in these areas.

Free Rubik’s Cube Lesson

In this Rubik’s Cube lesson, you will find:

  • A link to a short introductory video called “How The Rubik’s Cube Became One Of The Bestselling Toys In History”
  • An article about a former Rubik’s Cube record holder
  • A video on the same topic
  • A comprehension questions worksheet 
  • An answer key
  • A critical thinking writing activity with two optional writing prompts 

Like the Rubik’s Cube itself, reading comprehension takes practice! If you would like to download this free Rubik’s Cube lesson, click here

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