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Easter Digital Escape Room

Use this Easter digital escape room to help celebrate this holiday in a fun way with your middle school classroom.

To help celebrate Easter in a middle school classroom try this Easter-themed Digital Escape Room where students work together (or alone) to solve  11 different challenges. 

Students love digital escape rooms because they can compete against their classmates in a fun setting. 

In a digital escape room, students are given a series of challenges to “escape” a situation e.g., accidentally boarding a plane, or getting locked in a storage room, and must solve the challenges to “escape”.  Note: These challenges are all online and computer-based, no students are locked in any spaces. It is just part of the storyline of the digital escape room. 

If you are looking for an engaging activity to do with your middle school students, try this Easter-themed Digital Escape Room. This digital escape room provides students with the opportunity to work independently or with their peers to solve 11 Easter-themed challenges. This escape room is non-religious and focuses on chocolate, candy, and animals.

Students must solve the required challenges to “escape” the classroom they accidentally got locked in. Participants will use their previous knowledge as well as learn new things about this holiday while reinforcing their literacy skills.

This is a perfect activity to help build community and engage students in social-emotional learning for 6th, 7th or 8th grade. This digital escape room should take your students about 30-60 minutes to complete from start to finish. Times will vary depending on students.

Once this escape room is purchased, the teacher will get access to a Google Form link that is 100% editable and customizable for your classroom needs.

No prep is required from the teacher or students – all that is needed is a teacher Google Drive account. Students can use Google Forms without having a Google account. 

Resource Includes:

  1. Digital Escape Room with 11 Challenges (“locks”)
  2. Detailed teacher directions in text and video format
  3. Answer Key
  4. Student Instructions
  5. Reflection Questions

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What Are Teachers Saying About This Digital Escape Room?

“We love your escape rooms. You can hear a pin drop in the room when they are working on this. They love it. It is just challenging enough to keep them all engaged but yet accessible for all levels. Thank you for this.”

“My students love the Escape Rooms you have designed.  They are challenging enough for them and they find all the challenges super exciting.” 

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