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Free Digital Escape Room

Use this free digital escape room with your middle school ELA classes to help reinforce comprehension and problem solving skills.

Have you ever used a free digital escape room with your students?

Escape rooms are a popular activity these days. And for good reason–they are fun, they are challenging, they often ask us to think creatively, and they can be done with our friends.  

For all these reasons, teachers have found escape rooms to be a great teaching tool. The biggest hassle to them is that they are time-consuming to put together. This is why my free Movie Night Digital Escape Room is such a perfect resource for middle school classrooms.

This product is an escape-room-style activity in which the challenges are centred around the topic of movies and cinema and asks students to practice their reading, research, observation, and writing skills.  

It can be done individually or in groups.  It can also be done in in-person classes or be used as part of an online learning situation. No matter where students are completing the activity though (in person or online), the only resources they will need are Internet access as well as the device of their choice (computer, tablet, Chromebook, cellphone).

Free Digital Escape Room

In this Movie Night Digital Escape Room, you will find the following parts:

  • Teacher instructions including an overview, sample script, suggested ESL accommodations, and list of materials needed
  • Escape room rules
  • Student instructions
  • A link to a Google Form for students to use while completing the escape room and for submitting their answers 
  • Answer key

Digital escape rooms are a lot of fun. Don’t let this free resource escape you! If you would like to download my free Movie Night Digital Escape Room, click here.

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