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Middle School Realistic Fiction Books

Realistic fiction books are a popular book genre. Use this list of middle school realistic fiction books to help your students find great books.

Middle school realistic fiction books are one of the most popular genres students love to read. I think it is because they can relate to the characters and storylines of the novels. This book list contains great realistic fiction novels for middle school students.

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Middle School Realistic Fiction Books

Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

In this classic romantic comedy between a boy and a girl, Bryce and Juli met in the second grade. She falls madly in love with her new neighbour Bryce. Unfortunately, he does not reciprocate her feelings. During the various events of the novel, Bryce is not as nice to Juli as he should be. Something happens that makes Juli lose her feelings for Bryce, just as he finally starts to see her differently.

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus (Volume 1) by Dusti Bowling

Aven Green loves to make up wild stories about how she lost her arms, not that she was born without them. Her parents move them to Arizona to run an old western theme park and Aven knows she will have to keep answering the question over and over again. She isn’t looking forward to her new life in Arizona, but ends up meeting some friends with their own disabilities and together they solve a mystery.

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine

A young girl with Asperger’s searches for closure after her older brother dies in a school shooting.

Mustaches for Maddie by Chad Morris

Maddie is twelve years old and likes to make people laugh by wearing fake mustaches. When she finds out she has a brain tumor her world is changed.

One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Carley is sent to live with the Murphys as a foster child and is surprised by stable family life. Carley tries to resist the family, but eventually they show her how to belong. When Carley’s mother wants her back, she needs to decide where she will live.

Shouting at the Rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

Delsie loves storms, but not when they are in her life in the form of a friend who has moved on and living with her grandmother. She meets a new friend Ronan and they find together they can take on any storm.

Stargirl (Stargirl Series) by Jerry Spinelli

When a new girl arrives at Mica High, she becomes the centre of attention. Her school spirit, good looks, and charming personality are a hit with her peers, until one day they turn on her. She becomes hated by her peers for being herself. Stargirl is faced with the decision to remain true to herself or conform to the status quo.

The Benefits of Being an Octopus: A Novel by Ann Braden

Zoey must help out at home while her mom works late and tries to go unnoticed at school until a teacher makes her join the debate team and she starts to see things differently.

Ungifted by Gordon Korman

Donovan has a knack for getting into trouble. After his latest prank, he thinks he will be expelled but an error ends up sending him to a school for gifted students. Donovan needs to find a way to fit in so he can stay at this new school.

Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen

Ambrose finds friends at a Scrabble Club.

Just Jaime (Emmie & Friends) by Terri Libenson

Jaime is experiencing issues with her friends at school.

12 Genre Book Reports Assignment


Love teaching with genres?

Help your students dive deeper into their reading with these 12 different genre-focused book report assignments. Each assignment enables students to showcase their creativity while meeting curriculum standards. This assignment covers both fiction and non-fiction books. The assignment structure rotates every three months helping students achieve proficiency, while still providing student choice. Assignments can be used in any order. A sample teaching schedule is provided.

Included Genres

  • Realistic Fiction
  • Mystery Fiction
  • Graphic Novel
  • Science Fiction
  • Biography & Memoirs
  • Historical Fiction
  • Classical Fiction (pre-1970)
  • Fantasy Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • Traditional Literature vs. Fractured Fairy Tales
  • Sports Fiction
  • Free Verse Fiction

Assignment Types:

  1. Written Response – critical thinking and written reflection assignment.
  2. Creative Choice Board – students are provided with 3 options and must select which creative option they want to produce.
  3. Oral Presentation – a book talk format assignment.
  4. Student-Created Lesson based on a non-fiction book
  5. Traditional Literature vs. Fractured Fairy Tales Comparison Assignment

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