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Month: January 2022

Middle School Realistic Fiction Books

Middle school realistic fiction books are one of the most popular genres students love to read. I think it is because they can relate to the characters and storylines of the novels. This book list contains great realistic fiction novels for middle school students. This blog post contains affiliate links

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Free Sub Plans

Some districts require teachers to have ready-to-go sub-plans uploaded in their LMS (Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, etc.,.) or printed out and stored on the teacher’s desk or in a common area such as the front office. I wanted to share two different free sub plans resources that you can use

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Think-Pair-Share Teaching Strategy

Students need to talk to each other to help form their opinions and understandings of a topic. Use the Think-Pair-Share teaching strategy to help students understand your subject content. How Does This Think-Pair-Share Teaching Strategy Work? Pose a question or topic to students for them to think about individually. You

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Winter Sports Digital Escape Room

Use this Winter Sports Digitial Escape Room to beat the winter blues with your students. Celebrating winter in middle school can be a challenge – not all students want to celebrate the cold or are excited if it is a year when the Winter Olympics are happening.   However, most students

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Book Recommendations For Teachers

Check out these book recommendations for teachers. I have compiled lists of books that teachers might enjoy reading to relax after a school day or during a vacation. Connect with me on Instagram and let me know if you find a book from one of the lists that you enjoyed

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Books For Middle School Reluctant Readers

It can be a challenge to find books for middle school reluctant readers. Before you provide students with book suggestions – strive to find out what is causing their reluctance to read. Some possible reasons could be: The student struggles with the mechanics of reading. They read below grade level

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Inclusive Holiday Celebrations

Inclusive holiday celebrations are important in the middle school classroom. The focus of holiday celebrations and learning should not solely focus on the holidays and celebrations that are important to that teacher.  Reflect Students’ Holidays In Mentor Texts Classrooms need to be places where students see themselves reflected in the

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Books For Middle School Students

This blog post contains a list of books for middle school students from the historical fiction and mystery fiction genres. This blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the reader. If you make a purchase through the provided links this blog will receive a small commission

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