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Year: 2022

Engaging Grade 7 History Lessons

Are you looking for Grade 7 History lessons for the Ontario Curriculum?  I love teaching history and have created some engaging lessons for teachers required to teach this curriculum. When creating grade 7 history lessons, I think about how students learn best and what activities will engage students in their learning.

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How To Easily Create Classroom Podcasts

Have you ever wanted to create classroom podcasts? Podcasts are a great learning resource for your students at school. If you don’t know how to create classroom podcasts or you are unfamiliar with this media format, let’s get introduced! A podcast is a digital audio recording, usually involving talking, and

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4 Tips for Engaging December Lesson Plans

December lesson plans need to be engaging and festive yet curriculum-focused and rigorous. What a challenge! Many teachers say December is the hardest month of the year. The lead-up to the winter break can be brutal. Students are excitable, they’re in need of time off from the classroom, and they’re

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Why Teach Middle School Creative Writing?

Middle school creative writing sometimes gets a bad rap.  It is often seen as less serious and less important than many other types of writing.  This is too bad because frequent and directed creative writing can offer significant benefits to your students and curriculum.   Let’s talk about a few of

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YA Romance Novels

YA romance novels are one of my favourite genres. I love reading these cute love stories and losing myself in the author’s writing. It is not just teachers and their students who recognize what a great genre this is – many major streaming platforms have made YA romance books into

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Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies Resources

Grade 6 Ontario Social Studies resources can be a challenge to find. Teaching a new subject or grade can sometimes be overwhelming, no matter how excited you are about it. Not only do you have all the prep work and grading of a typical year, but you often are also

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