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Year: 2021

Fantastic Online Teacher Professional Development

Today we’re discussing online teacher professional development. But why? Why is Online Teacher Professional Development Important?  You went to college, you have your degree, and you’ve started teaching at your dream school. Your kids love you, you love them, and you feel pretty good about how things are going. But

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Middle School Historical Fiction Books

Middle school historical fiction books are popular amongst this age group. Students love to learn about the past in an engaging way (not just by reading a textbook). The year I did Refugee by Alan Gratz as a novel study with my Grade 7 students they learned so much about

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Many students often think peer feedback is simply checking for spelling and/or grammar errors. This teaching strategy helps students provide more depth with their suggested edits. 

Peer Feedback Teaching Strategy 

The peer feedback strategy is a great idea to add to your lesson plans. It is very important that students follow the writing process when working on formal writing pieces that they will submit for a grade. Many students often think peer editing/feedback is simply checking for spelling and/or grammar

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Interesting Teacher Professional Development Podcasts

Have you ever tried a teacher professional development podcast? Podcasts aren’t just for students! While podcasts can be wonderful for teaching students a variety of skills (read more about this topic here), there are also excellent teacher professional development podcasts out there for teachers of all ages and subjects. Note:

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Lit Launch Reading Engagement Workshop

Is reading engagement something your students struggle with? Lit Launch is an online workshop that will help teachers transform their reading lessons in just 3 hours. Teachers will learn how to craft engaging lessons that help students develop a love of reading. Teachers can work at their own pace and

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How To Make Reading Fun

It is important to make reading fun when you are lesson planning. By its very nature, reading is a part of every literature classroom, but not all students inherently love to read.  Making reading fun, though, is one of the best ways to encourage reading engagement in your students.  Today,

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