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Online Grammar Resources

Grammar is extremely important, but it can be a difficult topic to teach. Use this list of online grammar resources to help plan your lessons.

I’m sorry, I love you. 

I’m sorry I love you. 

Do those two sentences make anybody else laugh? Punctuation is serious. It can save relationships. This is why having a few online grammar resources handy can be a huge help. 

Teaching grammar to our students is so important. A quick scroll through some online reviews and comments can help illustrate this importance as well. Have any of them ever made you cringe due to some of the terrible grammar mistakes? Or, have you ever not purchased something, or not read a particular website, because the creator/author was not able to express themselves accurately through their writing?

Being able to express yourself accurately through speaking and writing comes from one’s own knowledge of proper grammar and writing skills. Having a strong knowledge of grammar will allow students to express themselves efficiently, both in-person and online in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. It will help them convey a sense of credibility, professionalism, and intelligence.

While grammar is extremely important, it can also be one of the most difficult topics to teach. To help you through this process, I have compiled the following online grammar resources. Many of them allow for interactive lessons, activities, and practice that can make learning grammar rules more entertaining and engaging for students. As always, review your school’s and district’s privacy rules before using any site with your students.  Prices are accurate as of spring 2021.  

Online Grammar Resources

Educational Tool Name: No Red Ink

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Interactive, adaptive website for helping students improve their grammar and writing skills. 

Cost: Free, with paid option available. 


Educational Tool Name: Grammar Bytes!

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Interactive practice activities with accompanying handouts. Also includes PowerPoints with handouts and explanations of the grammar subjects/rules.

Cost: Free. 


Educational Tool Name: Road to Grammar – Your Road to Better Grammar

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Online grammar quizzes, with accompanying printable PDF versions. Also includes notes/examples for the various grammar topics. 

Cost: Free.


Educational Tool Name: LearnEnglish Teens Grammar Snack Videos (British Council)

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Brief videos, notes, and online exercises for learning various grammar topics. Printable worksheets and transcripts are also available.  

Cost: Free. 


Educational Tool Name: Grammarly

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Free writing assistance, fix grammar mistakes, and offer new ideas while writing to improve overall grammar and writing. 

Cost: Free with Google extension. 


Educational Tool Name: English Grammar Rules 

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: The Grammarly Blog. A handbook/guide. A resource for lessons, teaching, and explaining various grammar rules. 

Cost: Free.  

Educational Tool Name: BrainPOP: Grammar

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Provides lesson ideas, movies, quizzes, worksheets, graphic organizers, and interactive content on a variety of grammar topics. 

Cost: Subscription required for access. Pricing options available for teachers and schools/districts. $150 and up. 


Educational Tool Name: Quill: Interactive Writing and Grammar

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Free writing, editing, and grammar activities for elementary to high school students. Also offers a diagnostic test and 52 whole-class lessons.

Cost: Free, but additional benefits are offered through a premium teacher subscription for $80/year. School and district subscriptions also available – must request a quote.  


Educational Tool Name: Khan Academy: Grammar

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Online instructional videos and accompanying practice for students. Unit tests also included. Teachers can assign lessons and track/monitor progress. Khan Academy also covers a wide variety of other academic topics!

Cost: Free.


Educational Tool Name: GrammarFlip

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Online grammar instruction videos with practice exercises and writing portals. Allows teachers to monitor and assess progress.

Cost: Free 30 day trial. Plans available for individual teachers, or for departments, schools, and districts. Prices vary based on the needs/class size of the teacher. 


Educational Tool Name: The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Offers free explanations of English grammar rules, as well as free online quizzes. 

Cost: Free. Options available to purchase some or all quizzes. 


Educational Tool Name: Daily Grammar

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Over 400 daily grammar lessons! They are very brief and include a short explanation. Would be good for a daily morning work or review activity. You can also sign up for the blog and receive daily lessons with quizzes every week.

Cost: Free, with the option to purchase workbooks or eBooks

Use these online grammar resources with your students.

Additional Resources

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