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Month: September 2021

Halloween Costumes for English Teachers

I love to celebrate holidays in my English classroom! For Halloween, I always teach Halloween-themed lessons and dress up in a fun costume. But it’s not always easy to think of good teacher costumes that are both creative and appropriate. So I made this list for inspiration. Here are 21 book-themed

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Teaching a split grade class is not an easy feat. Read this list of strategies for teachers to consider when teaching a split grade class.

Best Strategies For Teaching Split Grade Classes

Teaching split grade classes is not an easy feat. There are usually two different curriculums to cover, parental and student expectations, as well as always feeling like you are behind. During my teaching career,  I have taught grade 7/8 a few times. My first time teaching a split grade was

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Helpful Virtual Teaching Tips

These virtual teaching tips will hopefully help you plan for fully remote virtual teaching or hybrid learning.  The COVID-19 pandemic brought many challenges for all of us, but the challenges of online/virtual teaching for educators have been momentous. For some of us, teaching in this way may have been nothing

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Best Creative Student Projects Ideas

Creative student projects can be a challenge to plan when students are very accustomed to creating slideshows. Microsoft first released an official version of PowerPoint to the world in 1990. By the mid-1990s, Microsoft Office was available for use in classrooms and by the early 2000s, over 95% of public

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