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Lit Launch Reading Engagement Workshop

Is reading engagement something your students struggle with?

Lit Launch is an online workshop that will help teachers transform their reading lessons in just 3 hours. Teachers will learn how to craft engaging lessons that help students develop a love of reading. Teachers can work at their own pace and complete the workshop as time permits.

Reading Engagement Workshop Includes

  • 3 Hours of Professional Development Videos
  • 145 Page Workbook
  • 10 Reading Resources (Including an Independent Reading Journal Assignment & Benefits of Reading Non-Fiction Article)
  • Professional Development Certificate
  • Supporting Resource Links

Lit Launch is a middle school reading engagement professional development workshop that will help teachers transform their reading instruction in 3 hours.

Module 1: The Hidden Side of Middle School Students 

  • Do you spend more time managing behaviour during lessons than connecting with your students?
  • Are you exhausted by the constant disruptions by fake reading, students’ distractions and frequent break requests?

In Module 1, you will learn about adolescent development and how this leads to reading engagement and disengagement. You will also learn how to harness the power of their adolescent strengths and build a reading program that meets their needs. Get access to Lit Launch here.

Module 2: Re-Engaging Your Disengaged Students and Everyone Benefits

  • Are you tired of pouring yourself into lesson planning and then your students groan when it’s time to read?
  • Do they tell you that reading is boring and there are no good books?

In Module 2, you will learn the secret behind the best reading engagement strategies and why they work for middle school students. When you implement these strategies your classroom management issues will decrease. Get access to Lit Launch here.

Module 3: Sustainable Engagement Practices

  • Do you want to continue to engage students in reading all year without spending all your weekends lesson planning?
  • Do you want a detailed framework to maximize class time so that students are held accountable for their reading for the entire school year?

Once you have learned the secrets behind the best strategies, it is time to keep the momentum going all year long without spending too much time planning new lessons. In Module 3, you will use the provided framework to learn how to maximize instructional time to engage students and get grades for their independent reading. Get access to Lit Launch here.

Lit Launch Reviews

  1. “You will have ideas that you can implement right away after the first few minutes of the course.”
  2. “This course got me excited about teaching reading to my students again. My excitement then translated to the kids being excited to read and I just love to see them enjoy reading so much in class.”
  3. “I like that I could go at my own pace.  The videos were very easy to follow and the course is very well organized.  I especially liked that you had graphic organizers provided to take notes.  The information on adolescent learners was especially helpful.
  4. There were lots of great tips and ideas that I was able to use right away.  It inspired me and got me excited about teaching again.”

Don’t wait, enroll today! Click here to buy the Lit Launch Workshop.

Additional Resources

Not sure why reading engagement is so important? Click here to read about The Importance of Reading Engagement.

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